Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weighing In...

Have you ever noticed when you shop for a scale there's all ready someone else in that department looking for one. You really want to take a scale off the shelf and test it out, one- to see how it works and the great new features it has that yours at home doesn't, two- to see if it actually weighs you less than the scale you all ready own, which if it does it will be the scale you ultimately end up buying, and three- to feel how it compares to the others sitting near by.

But alas, you are not alone in this aisle. You think of ways to get around this other person without them seeing your weight or your reaction to your weight. So you grab a few (like you're really going to by them all), meander over to yet another section of the store and test them out. Sometimes this ends in joyous applauds and sometimes it ends in statements like this, "this stupid thing doesn't work either". Which ever way it works out- you are not alone. I too suffer from the weigh in.

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Kelsey said...

Oh I so know what you mean!! This is why i never by scales haha