Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Olivia's daily countdown is over.
Ava is so happy to see that the Easter Bunny stopped at her house and left her a filled basket.
First things first, examine the loot and remove the best gift- the remote controlled truck.
Showing off the bunny and telling Ava to look for hers.
Rapunzel- just what Olivia wanted the Easter bunny to bring her.
Grandma B sent Minnie Mouse hats!
Boy does she look cute!!!
Ava believes if she sits on her grass she will hatch an egg like Horton.
Ava's hat from Grandma B.
The hunt has begun and the eggs are filling up the basket.
Liv found the baseball egg and was SO excited to show Daddy.
Ava found the biggest egg of all and inside of it were several little eggs. Way too cool.

After the initial excitement wore off and the girls played with their toys and Wii games they decided to play celebration with the grass from their baskets and they threw it in the air all over the downstairs. It wasn't until around 7pm that they finally got bored with it and cleaned it up. It was a great day for all of us. We spent time as a family, playing together, being kids. It couldn't have been better if we tried. Although we were a little sad that Olivia called the Easter Bunny the Easter bunny and not the Beaster Bunny. They learn so fast and grow so much if we blink we might just miss their youth.

Easter Weekend

Saturday: Pre-Easter Festivities
Sassy Miss Sassy Pants apparently had fun at her Easter egg hunt at school.
Ava held on tightly to her bag in hopes of not sharing with the rest of us.
The Easter carnival with free food, face painting, bubbles, jumpy houses, a petting zoo, and us.
The loot.
On the hunt.
Done finding eggs and now looking for prize eggs.

A lot of fun for a few hours for free. I love the free stuff.

Easter Prep

The Easter preparations are underway. Big Daddy has all the eggs boiled, the cups with the color ready, and two eager kiddos waiting to dye their eggs.
Dundundun... First up, Ava. She very carefully laid her eggs in the dye.
Olivia plopped her eggs into the cups splish splashing dye all around.
Olivia's dinoegg creations. Awesome work!!
Ava's dinoeggs.. Look so yummy!!
Best Easter dinoeggs ever!!! Daddy had a blast helping out.

Strawberry Fields

Olivia picking strawberries and looking for the very reddest, biggest ones.
Ava and Nick eating strawberries and trying to hide.
The gang.
And after all that picking and eating we headed to McD's to play in the fun zone. Liv didn't eat her way through the field like Ava did so she needed a hamburger.
Having lunch with her buddy.
Playing together and smiling for the camera.

Ava's 1st Stripe

Ava is so surprised and excited to receive her 1st stripe.
"Oh Mommy, I got a stripe!!!"
Here it is- the big black stripe.
Ava showing her skills.
Olivia showing her stuff..

Fishing With A Worm

Olivia's first real time fishing with a hook and a worm and she catches a sunfish.
Ava caught a large mouth bass but freaked out when it flopped around so she threw it back.
After all the men on the pier decided to call it a day since they weren't catching any fish, Olivia reels in a 13 inch 1.5 pound large mouth bass!!! It was a keeper and she wanted to eat it for dinner.
Of course before we left, Ava had to stop and dig in the sand.
For our first real fishing experience the day couldn't have gone any better. Both of the girls caught 2 fish each and Dave caught a small one too. The only real concern they had was whether or not the worm was going to be okay on the hook... Yip it sure will be when it gets EATEN BY THE FISH!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mouth Milestones

My first baby has a loose tooth!!! I thought perhaps Olivia was just saying that because a friend of hers had lost his tooth recently but I felt it and it is indeed loose. I guess the tooth fairy better get her act together and decide how much the girl's will be getting for each tooth because once she starts she can't decline her price later... Although the economy is not that great right now. I wonder if she's in a recession too???


My second baby has finally stopped sucking her thumb!!! I bought some gross tasting polish a few weeks ago and applied it the first night after her bath. I handed her her favorite lovey and sat back to watch. She promptly grabbed the lovey, stuck the thumb in, and yanked it back out. After which she gave me a death glare but I probably deserved it. Then a few minutes later she did it again, and again the thumb shot out of her mouth. This time Ava asked for some water. Since that night not a thumb has made it passed a lip in this house.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ava and Karate

Ava's super excited to get her gi and begin karate.
The beginning warm-up routine is stomach intensive.
And there she goes... off to be a big girl learning her moves!! Way to go Ava!!!