Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Soccer has begun again. The girls absolutely love it. Plus two of the hip hop kids are in soccer so now they have little friends to pal around with.

Secretly I think Dave is loving it most of all. It warms his heart his girls love his sport.

More Dance




Look at Ava- the badass!!!

Father's Day Camping

Camping pretty much speaks for itself. The girls loved swimming, building sand castles, and fishing. They ate smores, slept in a giant tent with the dogs, played with the kids next to us that ironically were the same ages, and slept in late like usual. I was actually shocked when we woke up and it was 8 A.M.. Princess Olivia woke around 8:45 like usual.

These next pictures are taken at night in the tent eating the smores.

Faces by flashlight:

It was a fantastic Father's Day weekend. Just what the Daddy wanted.

Father's Day

Olivia made this present for Dave before school was over. Her teacher rocks with all the craft projects she does with the kids.

And this is Dave on a halibut hunt with his friends...

Grandma B is so Fancy

with the fancy Nancy head gear she brought for the girls. They are the cutest little princesses and they even wore their stuff out for dinner... So Fancy!!




Grandma B

Grandma B came to visit. We went to CL for swimming, on walks, to hip hop class, and B&N for reading. We barbecued, made a pie, ate like we were famished and had a lot of swing time in the back yard.

We can't wait until she comes back again. We miss you Grandma B!

Hip Hop With Ava

This time the girls are in class together...

Ava has all ready learned the moves from when Liv was in class. Finally it is her chance to shine and let me tell you- She Rocks!!!!

Pump It Up

Olivia's End of the year party for school with her best friend...

They came, they jumped, they conquered their first school year!! Way to go Olivianut!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Camping Part 2

Guess who picked out her very own extra fancy sleeping bag for our camping trip for Father's Day weekend?
Yip, Ava selected a nice orange bag with a 70's print. This time Dave will be going... Should be a blast.

This weekend Grandma B comes to stay for a few days. We have so much to do while she's here- kindermuzak, build a workshop, Liv's class party at Pump it Up, hip hop class for both girls, and soccer starts too. Dave's going deep sea fishing with the guys, I have my weird doctor's appointment which could be either really good or really devastating and then...

After Grandma B leaves we head North to do our first official RV camping with Grammie and Papa on the Lake followed by our 4th of July festivities, fireworks, etc. We're so busy. I hope we get to relax on our vacation.

School's OUT!!!

Last Day of school for Olivia. She has now completed her first year and she loved every minute of it.
Here's the star that told her where she sat everyday. It was always somewhere different and by someone new.

Enjoying the last few minutes...

And even on the last day of school, the kids still made something cool- a Father's Day gift!

Way to go Olivia!!!

After school got out we headed to Tori's school for a big kid school picnic. Water balloon tosses, a jungle gym, lunch... the works. What a great end of the school year day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Dave left Friday for Denver so we had a total girl's weekend. We started off by eating pizza while watching the double feature we rented for the big screen. Then we popped popcorn for our second movie and then it was off to bed. I called Dave to tell him what we had been up to and to make him jealous but he out did us because the restaurant that he and his mom and sister went to for dinner had KC and the Sunshine band performing live. WHATEVER SHOWOFF!

Saturday we packed our gear and went camping along with 25 friends. We swam most of the afternoon, grilled hot dogs and all kinds of meat, roasted marshmallows and ate smores, and played in the dirt. I would say that was Ava's best thing of all besides looking for rollie pollies. Olivia made shadow puppets with her friends and played Frisbee and she dug in the dirt too. I don't know what it is about my kids but wherever I take them them always come back happily filthy.

Here's Ava collecting item to create my birthday cake and her final creation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Apparently anything can be put into meatloaf and my family will eat it. Not only will they eat though, they actually fought over it... The egg in the middle was like the baby you find in a Mardi Gras king cake. Everybody just had to get some egg.