Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grammie's New Dog

Grammie and Papa rescued a dog. There's actually a whole sorted story about it which I don't have time for since I am dog-ass tired from being up since 4 AM but anyways here she is in all of her glory.

Everyone loves Foxy, even Sugar the meanie.

Ava- Halloween Party

My little Tinkerbell had her first school Halloween party today. Can you say excited??
Almost there, if only Papa would move a little faster.

Ava's teacher as Minnie Mouse. Let the festivities begin.

Ava was super excited to tell me what all the other kids came dressed as, what they did for their party, how they exchanged candy, and best of all- she promptly gave some candy to her sister with any asking on Olivia's behalf. She simply said, "Olivia, I got this for you." That's my Sweetheart. My little Lovebug.

Olivia's 5th Birthday Party

We decided to move Olivia's party up a few weeks since the weather has been changing so frequently and we wanted to have it at the park. Plus with her birthday so close to Thanksgiving it's always been a struggle to find a good weekend. This time we planned it for yesterday, Wednesday, after school and the weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. And the kids- well there was a lot. Almost 30 I think.
Ava ate lunch while I prepared the table. Olivia had to run home with Papa to potty. She arrived shortly after the picture was taken.
This is probably the best picture ever. Although you can only see Liv's face it is both of my girls with both of their best friends. Playing together. Enough said.

Ava on the move with her buddy in route. They're jamming to the other play structure. This park has 5 or 6 different age range structures so everyone had a place to play.
Singing happy birthday to the star of the show. My big 5 year old.... almost!
All the kids sang their little cute hearts out.

My queen.
I didn't realise how much the kids LOVE party hats. Even the boys ran over and made requests. I never thought they'd wear pink flowered hats. I was wrong.

The unveiling of the gifts.
The loot.
This is just some of her loot. She made out like a bandit. I almost want to re-wrap this stuff for X-mas and save myself some dough.
All in all this was the best party we've had yet. In total I spent maybe $40 and the kids had the best time ever. No pizza, no bouncy house, no Pump It Up. Just the good ol' outdoors and some cupcakes.
Happy Birthday my Queen!!!!


Ava's first field trip was to the pumpkin patch. We either went on her day or Olivia's day and since Liv has done this before we gave the day to Ava.
Ava is sitting next to her very best friend. She actually now has her OWN very best friend. It is so cool and she is so stoked about it. The girl follows her everywhere saying, "Ava, wait..." And she has an awesome mom to boot. Gotta love it when your kids pick friends with good parents. Play dates are so much better. Here's Ava in the band making music. Another fave.
The corn maze that the girls just couldn't wait to run through.
Picking out a pumpkin with her buddy, Ava gave me a smile.
My pumpkin after I carved it. The girls liked gutting it and roasting the seeds. Although when it came time to actually eat the seeds Ava politely declined asking if there was pie. That's my girl.
Here's Ava's decorated pumpkin.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The Pumpkins are being carved and decorated. Ava has her scissors and glue stick working hard.

Later today I'll post the pumpkin patch pictures from Ava's first school field trip yesterday.

Monday, October 18, 2010

When Scissors Attack

Edward ScissorsHands has nothing on us... Apparently all that cutting wore out Olivia... Did you see the missing hair by her ear? Yip, that where all of her beautiful long hair was. And no, sticky tape will not fix this.
Ahh, to give yourself a horrible haircut and then just sleep it off. Must be nice.
Today's new look before school. We are calling it alternative-punk. Sounds good enough. Notice the bangs have been chopped to about a half inch on the top of her head but she did manage to leave a little in the front.
This picture does not do it justice to how bad the cut really is. I pulled the hair from around the back over to this side to give the allure of hair.
How it should look.
This is the new length for now. I cut all the back off last night to here so that it wasn't as noticeable. But really? Who are we fooling here?? If you look on the left you can see some new layers she added to the back as well.
And Ava a.k.a. the one who didn't cut her hair.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


While creating the last blog post Dave gave Olivia scissors and what do you know??? She didn't cut the paper- she cut her hair. Duh. It doesn't take a genius to know that you don't give a kid scissors and walk away. Now her hair looks bad. REAL BAD.

I guess after school tomorrow she will be getting a new hair cut. I'd post pictures of how it looks now but I'm way too furious.


Yesterday we went to Six Flags for their Halloween Madness. The girls were dressed in their Halloween outfits and their energy level was through the roof.

We had to see the whale show. Then we had to see the bird show. Then we had to ride the biggest of the roller coasters that they could go on- The Cobra- where Olivia chose to ride with another girl who was 7 years old instead of her family. Then we just had to see the dolphin show, the butterflies, and pet the sting rays. Yes, these girls know exactly what they want to see and do and they don't waste any time dawdling around. They are missionaries.

Now, let me first back up a bit. It was a warm day, sunny but not hot. I blatantly stated before exiting the truck that we would not be going on any water rides because it would be too cold to walk around soaking wet. Like I need to proceed any farther...

We walked to the whale show after about an hour of being at the park. We sat in the highest of the splash zone areas because those seats typically never get wet. Typically doesn't mean always. So the whale comes out first thing and WOOSH went it's tail and SPLASH went the water all over us. The girls were happy. They got what they wanted but for the next half an hour we were wet. Dave looked as if he peed his pants, my flip flops were gooshy, and the kids- Christ, they don't give a rats-ass they were wet. So we immediately hit the butterfly exhibit to dry off in their humid hot room and away we went. Dry again.

From there we made our way on a few more rides, ate lunch, and went to play in the kids area where all the kids were trick or treating. The girls had a great time, Liv met another girl who wanted to ride some rides with her, and Ava played with Dave in the sand.

So by 7PM when we were ready to leave we made our last stop at the restroom. Ava had already used it a few minutes before so she and Dave waited outside. While Liv and I were in the potty something unique happened. When we came out Ava was holding a GIANT Superman ball. Apparently where Dave was waiting there was a man who had won 3 of these balls. Ava had complimented him on his cool balls and Dave had asked what game he had played to win them. The man said it was a basketball game and then handed the ball to Ava telling her she could keep it. She thanked him and was beaming when we walked up.

So for an entire day we spent a whole $2, had tons of fun, and came home with a huge Superman ball. I think that our season passes totally paid off.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Train Museum

Last weekend we went to the train museum with our friends. This wasn't just any ordinary train museum though. This train took us straight to the pumpkin patch. It takes us where???
The girls with Nick on the way to the patch. They are beaming with excitement.
The stop.
Here we go...
A tractor for hay rides and a bunch of scarecrows started off the adventure.
And the best of all things- a giant two story hay maze that the kids can climb on, over, and into where there's ladders and slides.
Can you say GIANT? Or perhaps, "Dave, I think we are never leaving here."

The gang at the top finally held still for one picture.
When these nice people vacated the tractor we all hopped on and headed for a ride through the spooky forest.
The girls, Nick, Rachael, and Eric.
Ava got her spider painted on her face.
Liv went for the butterfly.
Dave's most favorite part of the whole day- launching pumpkins with his girls.

What a fun day. When you have had enough you hop right back on the train and it takes you back to the station.