Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Banged Up

Wow I am just becoming such a winner mommy I think that the mommy of the year people should give me a medal. My first medal would be from not panicking when Ava fell off of the side of Olivia's bed. She was climbing on the outside of the bed when her feet slipped and she lost her footing. Her feet got stuck between the mattress and the bed, she fell backwards and hit her head on the carpet, all the while her feet were still stuck in the bed. She couldn't lay flat on the ground because her legs aren't long enough so she was just hanging there... legs trapped. I am actually surprised she didn't break both of her legs.

When I walked into the room I was for sure she had broken them both. I grabbed her by her wrists and quickly lifted her up to release her legs and then thought about how you are not supposed to move someone when they hit their head and since I wasn't sure about her head/neck situation and I had all ready scooped her up I just proceeded to lay her on the bed and give her a quick examination. She was screaming which didn't help things but I could tell she could safely move her neck and head and there wasn't any blood anywhere. So I scooped her up again and took her to my bedroom to rock her and calm her down so I could check out her legs. After a few minutes she quieted down. She had red skinned legs and feet but nothing seemed to hurt when I pressed on her legs and she wanted to get off the chair so I took a deep breath and put her on the ground. She took off running down the hall and I breathed a sigh of relief knowing my two year old still had two good legs. The ironic part of this whole story is that we hardly ever play upstairs and the one day I think to myself maybe we should spend more time up here, it's quickly thwarted with, "we will be staying downstairs from now on..."

My second metal would be given for again not overreacting in a crisis situation. So remember how I said we would not be playing upstairs anymore. Well apparently Ava didn't get the memo. Olivia and I were sitting on the couch reading a book when Ava decided to go up the stairs about halfway and she lost her balance (sound familiar) and fell all the way down the stairs. All I heard was thud thud thud thud whaaaaa!!!! Ava had hit the bottom stair and stopped. Again I scooped her up, checked out her head for any dings, searched for blood, and kissed the booboos. See, after almost breaking her legs one hour previous to this incident I am fully ready for anything and not really phased when the next thing happens... And people foolishly ask me if I am going to have any more kids... I can barely keep these two alive.

So my third medal would be given during the writing of this post. Let me state that each and every day I state that we run outside on the grass and we walk inside. Every day. Like clockwork. It should almost go without saying... you'd think. So Little Miss I know Everything grabbed her handy dandy tape measure which also is said with a warning of no swinging it around decided for herself that running in the house and swinging that dumb tape measure would be a good idea until she spun herself around and went whamo into the wall. Fortunately Liv hit the back of her head and yes I scooped her up, sat her down, and thumbed through her hair in search of blood and bumps. She did not split her head open and any bumps or bruises will be safely tucked away underneath her hair. We like to save the facial bruises for professional picture days, holiday parties, family gatherings... you know anywhere that would really make me look like a horrible parent.

So God only knows what the rest of the day has in store for my kids. I was thinking of wrapping their limbs in bubble wrap. I better get on it though danger appears to be right around the corner...literally.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Golden Dime

What's a weekend without someone swallowing a dime? Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to the store with the girls in the wagon. Along the way we found several pennies on the ground. Both girls get really excited to put their newly found money in their piggy banks when they get back from walking so as soon as we arrived home in the bank the coins went...

Until a few minutes later.

I went to take a shower and then I heard Dave saying something on the phone about calling the doctor. I didn't hear anyone crying so it was weird that he'd need medical help. So I stopped my shower and went downstairs to investigate the matter. He proceeded to tell me that Olivia told him she was sorry but she put a penny in her mouth and swallowed it. Oh just fabulous. Another Holiday another injury.

After some debate on whether Olivia actually ate the coin or not seeing as all of the pennies from our walk were actually accounted for we decided to just go with the doctor's advice. For the next 3 days we were to follow her around until she poops and then sift through it to see if a coin pops out and if by the third day it doesn't we would have to have her x-rayed AGAIN.

She swallowed the supposed coin on Sunday. Thankfully Dave was home Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday I'd be on my own to hunt for the coin. What a bummer. Except Monday morning Olivia yells out, "Daddy I gotsta poop." He was going to let her poop in the toilet and then fish it out with the fish net but my supreme brilliance offered for him to put her on the little potty and then there wouldn't be any getting of any poop.

Like magic a shiny gold dime (where a dime came from who knows) was born and place sweetly in Liv's baby book for yet another blunder we have performed as parents. I guess it's good parents don't need to acquire a license to have children because we probably would have had ours revoked by now. But let's not get too hasty... 4th of July is just around the corner...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Berries...

have found a new recruit.
Once Dave heard about our strawberry picking escapade he just had to join in. We went today in the early afternoon right before lunchtime. The girls were able to walk Dave down the rows and show him just which ones to pick and which ones to eat. They loved it. We all did.
Ava was Daddy's little helper. She pointed and made her yummy noises. Olivia was able to walk freely down the paths and pick her own strawberries. She was very proud of herself.

After we finished picking the strawberries we headed over to the sweet pea vines and picked a bag full of some rather delicious peas. Olivia was great at spotting them. She could see them before I could. Then we walked over to the blackberry bushes and filled a small box up with the plump and juicy sun ripened berries. It was awesome watching the girls have such a great time out in the fields and learning about nature. We left rather stuffed and stained and we can't wait to do it all over again.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


The girls needed some toe pampering so we got our nails polished. Ava was sleeping WITH HER LOVEY when the picture was taken so you can't see her toes but they are painted as well.

Yes, Dave found the lovey later that night. Ava didn't go to sleep until 11PM, Woo Hoo for me, and then Dave arrived home and found the dumb thing 5 minutes later downstairs in the toy bin. Go figure. I only sat next to the stupid thing all day long.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOST and Definitely NOT Forgotten...

Where in God's name is this forsaken Lovey I'd like to know? I can't find it. I have search everywhere in Ava's room, in her bed, my bed, Liv's bed, everywhere and this stupid thing is no where to be found. I would call the runaway lovey hotline or the lovey-suicide prevention number if there was one but this is ridiculous. I knew there would come a day that it would DISAPPEAR but I was hoping that it would be when Ava was old enough to understand that sometimes we just have to part with our beloved articles and she would move on.

Instead Ava has decided if she isn't getting her lovey, well she isn't sleeping either. Thanks for that lovey. And if Ava doesn't sleep then I can't do anything I want to do either. It's definitely a hostage negotiation situation. So tonight when we battle over this subject again, I'm hoping Ava will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight and she will just go to sleep. Right now she's not crying or anything, she just revolting against the idea of sleeping alone. We'll see how this unfolds later I guess. Or maybe just maybe I can find that damn thing before bedtime tonight. Where's Dave????

Finger Painting

Olivia's proud of her fingerpaint art work and wants her daddy to see it posted on the 'puter.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Exhibit C
In hindsight fingerpaints are the way to go. These things may make a huge mess but everything comes back clean and not stained. Dotmarkers which claim to be washable do not wash off the hands of small people. Thankfully Olivia did not draw all over face like she did her hands or I would have had a lot of explaining to do at swimming tonight.

The School Girl Braids

Olivia is simply awesome...

Here's the back just for kicks!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's My Birthday!

And I get to spend it with two of my three most favorite people, my girls. Since it is my birthday I felt it was only right to do the things that I wanted to do. So I stayed in bed until 9 A.M. Okay it did help that Livy slept in until 8:30 but I was going to do it anyway.

We watched cartoons for awhile and I drank some yummy coffee. Then around 9 AM we moseyed downstairs for eggs and popcorn. Yes, I did say popcorn. Afterwards the girls were cleaned up and I put their hair in ponytails and piggytails.

And they loved their fashionable hairstyles...

Here's a back view of Ava's piggytails.

Ava usually asks for a ponytail but I thought we'd do something a little more festive today. Plus she is wearing her first piggytails on my birthday. I love all the "firsts" that kids have. You lose that when you grow up.

Last night after the girls went to sleep I went into their rooms to cover them back up and straighten them out on their beds. Ava looked so precious curled up in a little ball. Her face was relaxed and it looked like she had a tiny smirk on her face. Olivia had her mouth gaped open and her arms out like Jesus (her usual pose). She too looked so sweet with her face so soft and dreamy. I never knew what my kids would look like or what sex they would be and now that they are here they are so amazingly wonderful and beautiful. I admire everything about them. They are exactly what I always wanted without really knowing exactly what I wanted if you understand what I'm saying. I feel like my family is complete. I love them like crazy and I am so incredible proud of them each and every day.

So now we are off to rent our free movie and get some doughnuts because no birthday is complete without cake. And then maybe we will come home and fingerpaint with all the cool paints we bought yesterday. Sounds like an exciting day...

A little later on...

On the way out of the house Ava hit her face on the cutting board leaving an indentation across the bridge of her nose. She cried and cried and then said she was ready to go to the store. A little bruised and mangled but hey this would not be a day for me without the occasional boo boo. Remember Mother's Day where Ava was hit in the face with the vacuum cleaner and split her face open...

Once on the road we stopped for our movie freebie. We rented a cartoon about ponies and the girls were elated. We jumped back into the truck and headed to the next place. Soon we were eating yummy doughnuts. What a day. We came back home and started the movie. Ava then spilled a little milk on the floor and being the good big sister that Olivia is she grabbed a towel to clean it up. On her way back to the kitchen she threw the towel in the air and it landed on her head as she was rounding the corner to the family room. Of course she ran smack into the wall and cut her lip open on her front tooth. Like I said it can't be a day for me without a little blood.

So the girls went back to watching their movie and I went to make them lunch. The movie was so entertaining that...
Ava went to sleep. Good thing it was a freebie movie.

Here's Olivia loving the fact that she is not the person sleeping!!!

Later today we will go swimming with daddy. Hopefully we have fulfilled our boo boo quota for the day and we can just hang out and have fun.

More... Later on in the day....

Olivia ate lunch with me while Ava slept soundly in her room and then Olivia took her own nap. I laid down on the couch and watched a few hours of recorded shows along with a bottle of wine. Soon Sneaky Dave arrived home from work early to surprise me and then the girls woke up around 4 PM. The three of them went and picked up Chinese food and came back to get me for swimming.

This was such a great birthday. I got to spend it with the three most important people to me in the whole wide world. Thanks you guys for making it so special.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Fish

Here's the latest swimming pictures. This is week number 2. Ava has really improved on taking strokes and kicking her feet. She reaches for the wall and goes under water.

Ava's practicing jumping into the pool on the count of three with Dave...

Swim fish Olivia practices diligently with her teacher. She is making airplane arms and practicing blowing bubbles at the same time.

This is Olivia demonstrating how hard her mermaid legs can kick. She is having a fantastic time with all of her new friends and can't wait to come back to the pool the next day.

And no blog post would be complete without a photo of the escapee...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Reunion

This weekend we managed to finally hook up with my Aunt and Uncle and all of my cousins, first, second and third cousins that is, and my parents. They live less than an hour away and for some reason I never think about driving to their house. I literally drive by their house all the time on my way to somewhere else but this time I made plans to see my Aunt and Uncle for lunch. My parents came too to celebrate an early birthday with me and then they came back to our house and spent the night so we could all go to breakfast in the morning.

So the lunch began with us and well... like with most families one thing led to another and soon my entire family arrived, along with a LOT of food. It was great. The girls were so cute and they had an entirely new surrounding to explore and that they did.

Within five minutes of arriving Livy found the bridge in the backyard. She then became the toll bridge collector.
After a few minutes, Ava finally was able to convince Livy to share the broom. Okay so it might have been more like snatching of the broom but who cares really? She's just so fancy in her sundress. It seems a shame to be cleaning in it.

Ahh, Olivia had gotten the coveted broom back and had decided that sweeping the pool was a rather clever idea. Look at how cute she was in her little dress and ponytail.

15 minutes later...

Remember those cute kids with their hair brushed and pulled up into ponytails and the fancy little dresses they were wearing... Not anymore. Ava spent the rest of the day naked going from the pool to the fountain as well as in and out the doggie door.

This was everyone's view of Ava for most of the day. We really only saw her face when she was made to sit down and eat dinner.

Olivia hadn't gotten her clothes off yet when I took this photo of her washing the rabbits but it only was a matter of time before her dress was tossed aside and she too was naked and carefree.

And here's Peppy the life of the party. Ava chased this dog in and out through the doggie door all day. By the end of the day the dog had to rest. So he sat down and ate dinner with us.
We had such a great time. The girls met their cousins and ran around with them all day. It was nice to see them playing with family. Then by the time we managed to get back into the truck and drive home the girls literally hit the seats and went to sleep. We drove home, picked up a cake from the store, and within minutes Grammie and Papa were here to eat cake and sing happy birthday. Off to bed we went... lala land. Wonderful.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strawberry Fields

This morning we into the fields to pick fresh ripe strawberries. One of us, Ava, ate a little more than she picked and had a great time doing it. Olivia, on the other hand was picking and walking, picking and walking, just following the trail. She'd make a great migrant farm worker. So busy that little one. They both did a great job and stayed in the dirt and off the plants. Occasionally someone would pick a green tester strawberry and toss it into our box but magically they were removed for the plump and juicy ones.

Next we are going to the cherry tree picking place... Hope it turns out to be as fun as it was today.

Swim Practice

Swim practice has begun once again but this summer it is a little more special than the previous summers. This summer Olivia has advanced from the mommy & me group to the 3-5 year old instructor assisted without a parent group. That's big news around here. She and her neighbor friend G are in the class together. The first day they were very well known to the instructor by the end of the session. These two were little devils together disobeying the rules and giggling. But by the next day's session they were on target and swimming like little fish.

So since Olivia is now allowed to swim without a parent, Dave and I were able to take turns swimming with Ava. On the nights he has to teach school, which is Tuesday and Thursday, I take the girls by myself to the pool and swim with Ava. On the other two nights, Dave is able to get in the water with Ava so that I can take pictures. This system has worked out pretty good so far.

And let me tell you who else was a little ham in the water... no, not Dave if that's what you were thinking... Ava. She loved the water. Day one we couldn't get her out of the pool nor her swimsuit. She kicked, she cried, but we convinced her she would be back the next day and finally we were able to wrangle her to the truck. This little girl had no fear in the water. She could monkey crawl, float, and blow bubbles like a rock star. She swam underwater and would come to the surface with a huge smile on her face.

I love that the girls are having a great time and enjoying themselves in the water. I also love that Dave has had the opportunity to be a part of it as well instead of always hearing about what we did during the day. I think the girls appreciate it too. More pictures tonight!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

What a day! I woke up to breakfast in bed. My hubby and kids made me eggs and sausage and fresh hot coffee. Sounds good right? Olivia carried the big plate to the bed almost dropping it on the floor and Ava carried the card. Then the two of them hopped up on the bed and ate all the eggs. There was also this really hot salsa on the plate for me to eat with the sausage. Well since I didn't get to taste the eggs I bent over to take a bite of the sausage and Olivia stuck her hand in the salsa. I said, "Noooo, Olivia it's very hot" so she withdrew her hand and wiped it all over the duvet. I guess it was good that it had a previous stain on it that also needed to be washed.

Then the girls traveled downstairs with their father so I could get dressed uninterrupted and do my bookwork. As I sat down in front of the computer I heard, "Daddy, I need to poop." This was very shortly followed up with, "Ava, did you poop in your panties? Oh no. Don't touch anything. Oh God, now it's all over the floor. Stay there. Just stay there and don't touch anything." Awe, Mother's Day. A day for me to let DAD clean up all the messes I thought to myself while secretly smiling on the inside.

After the poop fiasco was cleaned up and everyone resumed their daily activities I then heard the loud hum of the vacuum cleaner. What a good man I thought. He's even going to vacuum the house for me. Any mother should know every good deed comes at a price... Soon I hear, "Oh my God, are you ok, I didn't see you there. Oh no, you're bleeding." My heart drops as I race downstairs to find out what had happened and who was bleeding. All I could hear was Ava crying, Olivia singing as loud as possible, and Dave requesting Ava to move her hands so he could see her face. I asked, "what happened?" Dave responded with, "I hit her with the vacuum and split her face open?"

"WHAT??????" I asked in a panic.

"Her lip is split all the way through." Dave replied. "I didn't see her walk behind me as I was vacuuming and I hit her apparently with the handle."

After the bleeding stopped and we assessed the situation it was clear that Ava face was cut below her lip, not all the way through, and that she had two cuts in her mouth from hitting her teeth. Her teeth were fine and not chipped. So Dave called the doctor to find out if she needed stitches since it was on her face but they said she didn't and to just put antibacterial ointment on her for the next few days and she'd be fine. It's only 9:30 AM.

A few hours passed with no injuries or incidents...

Since our day was already off to such a great start, Dave started the laundry to clean the duvet and made the girls some lunch. I went upstairs to grab the camera to bring along to the kite festival and Dave walked into the garage to switch the laundry into the dryer. In that two minute period of time, Olivia decided to remove the paper plate that had the salsa on it from breakfast out of the trash can, proceeded to lick it clean, and then wiped her salsa crusted hands all over her dress. I came downstairs, saw the guilty look on her face, noticed the dress, and said, "what happened?" Dave heard me and came back inside from the garage and said, "what do you mean?" I offered Olivia some water as I assumed her mouth was on fire and I pointed to her dress. "Oh, Olivia what is that all over your clothes:( :( :(" Dave moaned. She tells him how she retrieved the plate from the trash and licked it clean. (Keep in mind her lunch was sitting in front of her untouched.)

Again Dave gets out the spray and scrub brush and began cleaning. Thank God this wasn't Father's Day or I would have been screwed. Finally, everyone had finished eating lunch, the clothes were cleaned and new ones were put on, and we were out the door to the kite festive. We drove down the road and arrived where the festival was supposed to be taking place. No one was there. I assumed I must have gotten the park wrong. For 20 minutes we drove all around trying to see kites in the air, hitting all the parks in our city. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. Are you freakin' kidding me? Olivia had been asking me if we were there yet. We drove home and checked the Internet. I had the right place, day, and time. So we made one last ditch effort to go back to the original location to see if we were just blind the first time. And what did we find...KITES. Thank you God. I was ready to lose it. We hopped out of the truck and flew our new parrot kite and played on the lawn. The girls had a blast.

The rest of the day proceeded like a typical day, except Dave made me dinner in bed as well. That was nice and thoughtful. We spent the rest of the night just reading books and playing games with the girls. We had a rough start but ended the day pretty smoothly. We called Grammie and Grandma and wished them well. I felt my Mother's day was successful. I felt loved and appreciated by my family and I am very thankful to be their mom. The girls mean the world to me and I love them both very much. It wouldn't be Mother's Day without them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Flying the Kite

Mother's Day weekend the city had a kite festival where all the kids were given free kites, popcorn, popsicles, and flowers to give their mom. We brought our own kite and once it was in the air, Olivia took over....

Here she is... Olivia, the master kite flyer. Look how high the kite is up in the air!

And as you can see, whatever Olivia can do- Ava can do too. She was a little more interested in the gooey geyser (baseball diamond) than kite flying but still requested her turn.

And this was the biggest kite on the field... the octopus. The girls were allowed to touch it when the owner brought it down to the ground. Liv thought that that was fantastic. Ava cried and thought it was going to "get her" and she ran away. Olivia made her feel better though by giving her a big sister hug.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zoo Rides

One of my BFF's gave me free zoo tickets for parking, admission, and the rides. It was so wonderful to go and not to have to spend any money. Dave had scheduled the day off a month ago and the girls had been waiting patiently for this day to roll around. We woke up, ate breakfast, packed lunches and sunscreen, and headed out the door.

When we arrived, 15 school buses arrived too. Oh no. Wrong day to go to the zoo. Or so we thought... Once inside we headed to the rides while all the school kids went to see the animals. The girls rode the rides with two other families. It was perfect.

After we used all of our ride tickets we went to eat lunch. We just missed all the school kids who were headed to the rides. By the time we ate and then walked around to see the big animals the school kids had to leave.
Then we headed to the petting zoo because what fun is the zoo if you can't pet anything?

What a perfect day. Our girls ran all over the place, touched everything, giggled like school girls and had a great day. Ava had so much fun her feet hardly ever touched the ground!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Is She Doing In There?


I hesitate to go any farther with that statement. I can only wonder what she is up to in her room. A few moments ago I heard her voice inside her room and I figured that again she was playing in the window and horsing around before her nap. Oh she was screwing around in there... just not in the way that I imagined. She was having a light show with this fairy color-changing light display she was holding underneath the covers in her bed. Fantastic. Don't take a nap on Thursday, the last of the longest days that I am home with both of them alone. Stay awake. Make sure I can't get anything done thank you very much. Ugg.

The stay at home parenting thing sure can get old quick. It can get so frustrating just repeating myself for the millionth time, "we walk in house running" or "keep your hands off the dog's collar, that hurts her neck. We have to pet her nicely." I swear these kids were born with ears attached to their heads. Somewhere between the ever growing enormous lego collection and our half clothed doll collection our children have misplaced their ears. Here's Olivia's solution to anything lost: "Maybe we can pick up a new one at the store mommy." Yeah maybe. Maybe if we were rich. Or maybe, just maybe if we just looked around a little bit we could find our original pair.... oh there they are in fact. Right where you left them. On your head. Now use them to hear my voice and follow directions. Is it really that difficult? Apparently if you are ages two and three it is.

I checked on Miss Olivia. She's sleeping like a princess all bundled up in her blankets. This is only because Ava is still awake. See they tag team me and decide before nap who's going to stay awake so that one of them can keep me occupied and quite frankly it's exhausting. Typically when Olivia stays up during nap time she plays quietly in her room so I don't mind. We get a little break from each other and come back feeling refreshed. But when it's Ava turn to drive me nuts stay awake. . . Well let's just say she takes the cake. She pulls out all the stops and makes sure the focus remains on her. Today I had to get tough though. I told her if she didn't stop and lay down that I was taking the lovey away... her prize possession. She again tempted fate and was handed a big heaping of, "I'll take that now" and was left loveyless. Sad- so sad. Not for me though. I have a new broken in lovey to snuggle. Ahhhh. It feels so nice.

Ava screaming, "LOVEY, MY LOVEY" from inside her room.

I went back in there after a few minutes, handed Ava the lovey and reminded her that next time the lovey will be taken for a lot longer.

My house is silent now. Ava is sleeping now. Of course it's 3PM so Olivia should be waking up any minute. Happy Mother's Day right? Let's just say- "Mother's day, I hope it's not too chaotic..." and leave the happy right out of it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Visit

We had a visit from my BFF with her 1 year old Baby "A" yesterday. Boy is she cute. The girls both just loved her and couldn't keep their hands off of her. Olivia ran right over to her and squeezed her and held her hand to guide her into the play room. She also helped hold her bottle when it was time for Baby A to eat. This is very important to Olivia. She loves loves loves to feed the babies.

So while the girls interacted I took a bunch of snapshots of all the girls playing puzzles and some of Olivia helping feed A and printed them out for the girls' doors as well as extra copies so they could carry the pictures around downstairs. They were so happy when they woke up from their naps and saw their new photos. Making them so happy made me feel like a good mom.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cuties on the Loose

Over the weekend we had a skate-o-rama in the living room. The girls dressed up in their fancy princess dresses and were ready to roll. With the help of their father they were moving in no time. Ava skated furiously across the carpet.

Olivia skated well on her own on the hard wood floor. Look out roller rink we're coming!

These two nuts are endless in their abilities to conquer the unknown. They jump right in and laugh ridiculously when they fall. It's amazing because if it were me I'd cry. Kids. So silly.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Makin'

Today Olivia had an interesting question for me. "Mommy, how did you and daddy make me in your belly?"

Me wishing this could have happened tomorrow when her father would be home and asking him this question smiles and says, "out of love." Then I take a deep breath wondering if that is going to satisfy her needs.

Liv mulls over my answer and sweetly says, "oh..... How did the baby get in my tummy?"

"Honey, you don't have a baby in your belly."

She pauses for a second to think things over.

"Is baby L coming to my house so I can hold her like this?"

She pulls her arms into a circle as if she's rocking an invisible baby.

"Probably not today but we can see her again soon. Would you like to help mommy cook in the kitchen today?"

Ava who is always listening shouts, "I come too! I come too."

The conversation ended there but I know these questions are going to keep coming. I thought I had a few more years until Olivia would ask the techinical questions. So far so good.

Quick Update

I forgot to mention we measured the girls the other day. I was thinking that the car seat Ava rides in requires her to be under 40 pounds and I knew that at her January checkup she was around 34 pounds and 35 inches tall so I figured it was time that she stepped on the scale. In doing so we put Olivia on the scale as well and then measured them for their mark on the wall.

So here's the stats: Olivia weighs approximately 35 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall. Ava weighs 35 pounds and is 37 inches tall... She grew 2 inches in 3 months. This was definitely good news that one, we don't need to buy another expensive car seat anytime soon, and two Ava is growing up and not out. I was worried that she had put on a few more pounds since it's been 3 months. Whew. It appears too that the 6 inch gap in height that used to separate the girls height is coming to a close. Olivia's growth is slowing down a bit and Ava is growing like a weed. Oddly Olivia has begun to eat more lately and ask for snacks throughout the day and Ava has actually begun handing the plate back to me and saying she's done eating with food still on her plate.

Kids... just when you get a handle on what they are all about- they go and change everything. Life's never dull that's for sure:)