Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My kids

Gavin wearing his cute Converse.
Look at those giant feet!!!
My model- somewhere within the last six months Ava has begun to pose for the camera.
My Olivia- she has a "wear sweats to school day" and is super excited!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harvest Festival

Today was the annual Harvest Festival so we went to soccer and then headed on over to the festival. There were pony rides which the girls couldn't get enough of... Dave entered a pumpkin pie eating contest and came in a close second. Nick and the girls made some arts and crafts and went through the haunted bus after bouncing around on the jumpy slide. But the best part came later in the evening. Trick or treating in the streets of BW.

The kids all wore their costumes and trick or treated most the stores in BW. Nick, Hayden, and Hunter were there too so it made the night a lot of fun. Most of all, the girls came home with a lot of loot- candy, toys, toothbrushes (my favorite), pencils, and all sorts of other goodies.
like these masks....:)
Gavin had to get in on the fun too.
Since he couldn't trick or treat he played with the pumpkins...
And when the girls were full of candy and tired as ever Gavin and I had a chance to play before going to bed.
Yip, that's my boy right there. I just want to squish him and smooch all over his little face.
He, other the other hand, wants to show off his ability to stand.

What a fun day for everyone. Gavin slept through most of it as he should being 12 weeks old in just a few hours but the girls -- they could have gone all night if we let them. I think besides Christmas this is their other favorite day!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Bottle

Gavin was offered his first bottle today. Ava refused to have anything to do with a bottle so I assumed Gavin would be the same way. I was wrong and a little bit mortified. He sucked it right down like he like had been doing it since birth. My heart dropped a little bit but I guess it's good to know if I need to leave him for awhile I can and he will be able to have his milk without me. :(

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gavinator- 11 Weeks

My Prince


Olivia had her first field trip with her Kindergarten class last week. She got to ride the school bus which she has been waiting to do since she saw Caillou do it on PBS. Dave chaperoned and was able to join her on the bus. They went to the pumpkin patch and picked out some pretty great looking pumpkins.
Ava had her field trip today and was also chaperoned by Dave. I couldn't go because I had to be able to pick up Olivia when she got out of school and I had Gavin's 3 month pictures scheduled in between. Ava also picked out some big juicy pumpkins.
Ava and her best friend at the pumkin patch.
Both field trips went smoothly. The girls had fun with all of their friends and their daddy. After it was all over they created these little beauties for our front porch.

Olivia wants it noted she carved her pumpkin all by herself. She did a wonderful job too.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Guess what the girls have been up to?


My boy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ava told me I'm a good mommy because I make the goodest banana splits. Olivia said, "why does it have a banana in it- I wanted an orange." Can't please 'em all!

Whoever Said...

Whoever said that having three kids was hard lied. It's a lot of fun. Having two kids- that was hard. I don't know why or how to really explain it but everyone that I have talked to said making the transition from one to two kids proved difficult and from two kids to three kids was natural. But then every single person that I know that has 4 kids says everything changes with that 4th kid. You need a bigger car, more bedrooms, blah, blah, blah. Don't get me wrong. We are not having 4 kids. Although if we had the space I wouldn't mind it.

So going back to why two kids is harder than three. I think my focus was different when I only had the girls. I felt more rushed. Oddly I should be more rushed carting around a baby but I don't. I have this weird sense of calm. Like this lingering thing has been removed from my brain but I don't know what the lingering thing was... chocolate pudding perhaps.

Now Dave on the other hand seems more stressed. He's always worried about money and sleep. I don't really worry about the money because I'm the one paying the bills and I always make sure they are paid first before anything else happens. I do this because we don't and won't rely on anyone else. Our parents don't help us financial or physically frankly because we don't ask, and none of our other family members live in this state so we don't have that occasional babysitter for a Friday night date or someone who can take one kid to karate while I cart the other one somewhere else. We do it all. All by ourselves and I'm proud of it. We are making it the best that we can. Now we don't have luxurious vacations or elaborate cars but what we do have is awesome. We have a spectacular marriage, three happy and healthy rugrats, two dogs that do drive me crazy, and a house that one day we will own outright. The other stuff will all come in due time. I keep telling Dave not to worry so much about the money- worry about the lack of sleep. Here again, I don't worry about this either. I go to sleep at 8PM. I have no idea when the girls actually fall asleep because we go to bed at the same time and I'm pretty sure I go to sleep first. Gavin sleeps all night except to feed but he's quick. He wakes up, eats, and goes right back to bed. My dream child. Dave seems like he just never gets enough sleep. His vacation should be to a hotel by himself for a week so he can come back refreshed. I don't know how he gets less sleep than me or maybe he doesn't but I think his constant BART traveling tires him out. Either way worrying gets you no where so at some point you have to just let it go. I think that's where I am at right now. A lot of things that bothered me before I have just let go. It's like I became my own Prozac.

So having the baby didn't seem to disrupt our daily routine like I though it would. He just sort of fell into place, another passenger in the car, another member on our voyage. If anything he made the girls feel so special because now Ava is a big/little sister as she puts it, and Olivia is the big sister of a brother and sister. They are so helpful with getting diapers and wipes, throwing away the old diapers, talking to the baby while I'm making dinner. I guess Gavin took the pressure off the girls and instead of focusing on competing with each other they now focus on playing with him and keeping him happy. They are both such great little helpers and awesome sisters. I feel blessed. My girls are so caring and sweet. I couldn't have asked for a better family. So whoever said having three kids is harder than two must not being doing it right.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 Weeks Old Big Boy!

So Gavin you are officially 10 weeks old today. It is amazing how fast time has flown by these last few weeks. You are growing and getting bigger day by day and a few days ago at your check-up you were 24 inches long and 14.10 pounds. This puts you in the 95% for both height and weight for kids your age. Although most of those kids were probably born at 7 or 8 pounds and you were almost 10. 

You smile and giggle all the time. You love your sisters who entertain you to no end. You are mesmerized by Sugar and can't wait to get your grubby little hands all over her and she knows it too and stays a safe distance away unless you are sleeping and then she takes full advantage of licking your hands, feet, and face.
Lady on the other hand will just walk by and lap you up with her big tongue whenever she gets a hankering. She is just waiting for the day I leave one of your dirty diapers laying around so she can have a feast. And when your daddy gets home you just beam at him. You've missed him all day and love when he comes to pick you up and make you giggle.
Since I am your only source of food you love me best. Secretly we both know this and every time I walk by you you light up like Times Square on New Years Eve. If you are hungry you smile at me and go for the boob. Even when you are eating you will let out a grin and I can feel the milk dripping down my side and all over the couch. Later in life when you ask why are couches look so dirty- this is why.

The best part of you so far is when you try and talk. Your baby babble is contagious making everyone around you speak your language. It's so awesome and I've tried to get it on video but you are a little stinker and clam up every time I get the camera near you. But I love your little voice and the little wiggly boy you are becoming. You so complete our family in a way you will never know. I think there's a little Sam in you from your Grandpa and a little Abadoo from your Great Grandpa and a whole lotta Dave in you which makes you the greatest little dude ever.
You are determined!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Soccer Season Again

The gang is all geared up and loving soccer this year. Ava has a friend from preschool playing with her this time and Olivia has a boy from her class who actually lives down the street from us playing with her. Nick is also playing on the team so the kids are just so happy.
 Liv can move the ball with her feet so gracefully. It is as if she were built for soccer.
And Ava, she has really blossomed into an athlete. She has a lot of strength and power behind her kicks.
They played teams and Olivia was the only player to score a goal. Great job Livy!!
And here they are awaiting their next instruction. Why don't they do this for Dave and I???
More next week as soccer progresses...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gavin Moments

Gavin in the big kid tub. For the first few baths Gavin cried so one day I decided to put him in the tub with me and that seemed to be the bath-break-through. After he swam like a big kid he now always enjoys his tub time.
 His love for dinosaurs has begun already. I think it helps that his sisters are obsessed.
 Look at that cute baby. I just wanna smooch him.
 Gavin's getting a head start for Halloween. Gotta rest up you know to get a jump start on all the good candy.
 More of my cute little Hawk.
 Silly daddy. Always makes the kids smile and laugh. I picked a good one!