Sunday, October 9, 2011

10 Weeks Old Big Boy!

So Gavin you are officially 10 weeks old today. It is amazing how fast time has flown by these last few weeks. You are growing and getting bigger day by day and a few days ago at your check-up you were 24 inches long and 14.10 pounds. This puts you in the 95% for both height and weight for kids your age. Although most of those kids were probably born at 7 or 8 pounds and you were almost 10. 

You smile and giggle all the time. You love your sisters who entertain you to no end. You are mesmerized by Sugar and can't wait to get your grubby little hands all over her and she knows it too and stays a safe distance away unless you are sleeping and then she takes full advantage of licking your hands, feet, and face.
Lady on the other hand will just walk by and lap you up with her big tongue whenever she gets a hankering. She is just waiting for the day I leave one of your dirty diapers laying around so she can have a feast. And when your daddy gets home you just beam at him. You've missed him all day and love when he comes to pick you up and make you giggle.
Since I am your only source of food you love me best. Secretly we both know this and every time I walk by you you light up like Times Square on New Years Eve. If you are hungry you smile at me and go for the boob. Even when you are eating you will let out a grin and I can feel the milk dripping down my side and all over the couch. Later in life when you ask why are couches look so dirty- this is why.

The best part of you so far is when you try and talk. Your baby babble is contagious making everyone around you speak your language. It's so awesome and I've tried to get it on video but you are a little stinker and clam up every time I get the camera near you. But I love your little voice and the little wiggly boy you are becoming. You so complete our family in a way you will never know. I think there's a little Sam in you from your Grandpa and a little Abadoo from your Great Grandpa and a whole lotta Dave in you which makes you the greatest little dude ever.
You are determined!

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