Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #13 The New Design

The last look at the old blog template

New Blog Design

Here it is- the new face of Have Babies Will Blog.

I think it speaks for itself if you happen to remember how it looked before...a little sad and uneventful.

Olivia has viewed it and ok'd all of the changes. When she pointed at the screen and said, "look mommy there's me Livy and that's Ava. That's mommy on the peter (computer)." I knew it looked exactly as it should. Now if you are wondering why Dave is not featured...well he's at work during most of the time that I blog so he was left out BUT he did come up with the catchy title so there's a little piece of him in here too.

And lastly if you like what you see and want a blog template created for you check out Designs by Splat. The artist can take your thoughts and transform them into an awesome creation.

The Last Diapie

Today Ava wore her last diaper. It's a big day, an end of an era, a breakthrough to toddlerhood, my little baby is growing up. Anyway way you cut it, we are free, free, free of diapers.

Ava's been wearing panties for a while now. She's been wearing diapers to bed and for nap time since we had a whole box leftover when we started potty training. It took a few weeks to burn through that box since she only wore 1 or 2 a day. But today we had one final sad little diaper left. I put it on her right before her nap and after she used the potty. A few hours later Ava woke up completely dry so she will be wearing that diaper again tonight. Nothing like stretching out the last one for an all day experience.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Ava's sick today...:( It might be that she's cutting an awful lot of teeth all at once since she is feverless, but she does have a big bad case of the snots. It is sooo gross to look over and see my precious little squishy face completely covered in a big snot web. Yuck.

She started feeling ill on Saturday night. Dave had put her to bed at 8pm and by 11pm she was in bed with us. I could hear the congestion in her head swirling around. She seemed to be enjoying herself while watching TV so Dave put her to bed again. A little later...more crying...and guess who shows up in our bed...it wasn't the cat. She hung out for a little while longer and then went to bed for good.

Last night same thing. She went to bed for awhile and became too congested to sleep. Crying ensued and then we had a vacationer in our bed. Apparently Ava likes to watch Dexter too. Aww just like her mommy. Not so cute when she's rolling uncontrollably back and forth between Dave and I. Again she was sent back to her bed like a bad meal at a restaurant. She was quiet for maybe 5 minutes and then the flood gates opened. Dave went to check on her and then the tough love came out. We shut the door and she was on her own. At some point Ava went to sleep and so did we.

Today she's still a little snotty but otherwise ok. She's eating and playing like any other day.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manic Monday #9

Mo's word for Manic Monday is NUTS.

Looking back on the weekend I think I was nuts for taking the girls to the winery to pick up Dave's surprise. But at least I didn't get kicked in the nuts like he did while playing on the floor with the girls. Life's rough.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday's Fun Fest

Today was extra super cool. The girls and I got to go visit my BFF's new house which I'm secretly really glad is way closer than her old house. It only took about 50 minutes to get there as opposed to the hour and a half it used to take. This means we can visit more often and the babies can play together and really know each other. I'm glad for that. I'm also glad she and I can hang out again more often.

I miss the good old days when we worked together or went to school together and just got to talk about everything or just nothing at all. So I'm glad she's back, her house was cool, and although she thinks it needs upgrading, I thought it rocked. It had everything a family could need. It's down the street from a great school and park, it's close to everything like shopping, banking, and other mom stuff, and it has a great view. The two bathrooms and two living rooms are also a huge plus when everyone wants to do their own thing. I think they picked a good one and my BFF now needs to relax and enjoy it.

The girls had a great time visiting. Olivia was in love with the baby. She held her and played with her and even got to feed her. It was a dream come true for her. Ava got to investigate the house, play with the car seat buckles (yes she has hit the I have to buckle everything for myself stage), and somewhere lost her peanut butter and jelly sandwich...oops sorry about that. Here's to hoping it doesn't start to stink soon...:)

The girls played for the afternoon and then we headed to the car to go home... literally Ava took a header into the pavement right as we were leaving. Can I not take them anywhere without Ava skinning her chin? Apparently not. Oh but that's not the best part... I dusted her off and put her in the car seat and she settled down. I decided to stop by this winery that Dave had wanted to go to the last time we were in the area which I thought would be a really nice gesture to pick him up something for a surprise. Surprises never go off without a hitch right? Nope.

We pull into the winery, me with my two kids, humm not really a kid place but we were just stopping by. I lifted the sleeping Ava out of the car and Olivia jumped out. We started heading for the door and what do you know Olivia takes a header right into the dirt. Tears were flying everywhere, we were sweating and dripping like pigs, and Olivia was covered in dirt from her forehead to her toes. The dirt was the powder dusty kind that when you kick it- it covers your legs like ash. Yes and Olivia looked like she just rolled around in it. I took her over to the pavement and dusted her off and looked for scrapes. She was all right but a little shaken up but her arm had road rash from her wrist to her elbow. I cleaned her up a little and decide we had better just go in and grab something for Dave or all of this effort and skin removal would be for nothing. Damn Dave and his stupid surprise.

We walked inside, again me with two toddlers, and the woman behind the bar shoots me a dirty look. I said I just wanted to pick up something for my husband since he had always wanted to stop by here and I didn't know when we'd be back in the area. All of the wine snobs shot me the same dirty looks and she handed me the list of all the wines. She asked me if I was going to be tasting, "uh hello...do you not see the kids at my feet?" Olivia begins ringing the wind chimes, Ava starts squirming, I'm still sweating ferociously and I see port on the list. I told the lady he'd like the port, just ring it up. We grabbed and ran out of there before Olivia could take her fourth swipe at the chime. At this point I'm thinking if Dave isn't at all happy for our effort he's going to get crap filled diapers left in his car.

So we hopped back into the car and I analysed Olivia's arm one more time. I cleaned it with a paper towel and water and got most of the dirt out of the scape. She didn't seem to care she just waned to drink out of my water. We headed home, all the while Ava kicked the hell out of the back of my seat. I guess that's what I get for doing something nice for my husband.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

Thirteen LEGO creations:

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Wordless Wednesday #12

Just in case anyone was looking for a new place to hold their cell phone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just A Regular Day

We read a lot of books today. This lead to many songs that were sung and Lego castles that were built. Toys were everywhere as usual and we snacked on our blueberries. We took a walk in later part of the morning to get out and enjoy the day. Olivia helped push the stroller all the way to the mailbox and back. She did really well. We picked up some yogurt cover pretzels at the store for our after nap treat. Olivia gets a pretzel or some kind of treat every day she naps. She'd get a snack anyway but these are special and reserved just for after nap. Other than that it was our ordinary day just doing our regular thing. The girls were great all day and played happily until bedtime.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Manic Monday #8

Mo created this fantastic word for today's Manic Monday : formula.

My first thoughts go to baby formula. When I had my first daughter she breastfed until about 5 1/2 months. Then she nursed but she also drank formula. By the time she was 7 months old she was strictly formula fed. Now my second daughter was completely different. She was strictly breastfed until she was a year old. She refused anything in a bottle even breast milk. I had received a bunch of cans of formula for her for free and most of it went to waste because every time the bottle went near her she violently gagged and it came out her nose. She also refused to drink any type of milk once she stopped breastfeeding at a year. She is now 19 months old and has officially begun drinking milk as of 2 weeks ago. I don't know what changed for her, but the next time we visit the doctor and he asks his usual questions of "does she drink at least 2 cups of milk a day?" I don't have to give him the speech about how she doesn't but I feed her plenty of dairy and leave his office in dismay.

Free Stuff

While Dave went to the dentist to get his cavities filled, the girls and I went shopping at Costco. We found some cute monkey memees (jammies) to go with Olivia's monkey bedding. Of course Ava wanted a pair too so I asked her what she wanted- the piggies which she loves to snort at or the monkeys but things didn't go as smoothly with Ava as it did with Livy. She wanted both or none so Olivia made the deciding vote of piggy memees. As we circled the store, Olivia put on the monkey memees and wouldn't take them off. We finished finding all of our stuff and headed home.

Dave was waiting for us. He had found out that the Home Depot was having a parking lot thing where they were giving out free stuff. So we unloaded our groceries and headed for our next adventure. We hit the jackpot thanks to Dave. Livynut came home with a new bike helmet for free and a cute little yellow piggy bank. We also got 2 $100 gift certificates for a spa that we will definitaly be using soon. Dave is really good at finding us these give-away places. It must be another one of his magical talents.

When we got home Livy and Ava wanted to wear their memees so Dave told them if they wanted to wear them then they would have to take a nap. Peace and quiet fell upon our house like like we were living in a fairytale.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday Night, Fun Night

Friday nights are becoming one of the best nights of the week. Mondays through Thursdays the girls and I do the usual routine of adventuring to the park or the grocery store but nowhere that's just plain fun since Dave's working late all week and he doesn't want to miss the fun places. Plus it's really hard to take the girls to places where they have the option of running in two different directions. There ends up being a lot of chaos and we usually leave a lot sooner than if I would have had Dave with me. To combat the monotony of the week, I've decided every Friday night we are going to go somewhere fun where the girls can go hog wild and run a muck.

Yesterday I picked The Jungle for our evening out. What a great choice. We walked through the front door and Olivia was in heaven. Her eyes were huge. At first she was reserved about playing in the ball pit with the big kids so we went to the toddler section. OMG did she have a great time. Slides, slides, slides everywhere to climb. Then Dave arrived and they girls were giddy. Balls were flying all over the pit and the girls ran their little bums off. We chased them and tickled them when they were caught.

Ava figured out how to climb the slippery stairs which then she used as a slide and slid down. Dave and I were amazed she kept doing it. I would have thought it had to be really uncomfortable going down a bumpy slide but it worked for Ava. She must have gone up and down that thing a 100 times. I am not kidding. She loved loved loved it.

We decided to take a break and order some dinner. Olivia demanded pizza and Ava got a corn dog. Ava waved it around in the air like it was her sword. I thought for sure it was going to hit the ground and become trash but her little hands held on tight. They both ate their oranges and drank their water while we snarfed down our pizzas and we were off to play again.

This time we started with the big covered slide. Olivia was apprehensive about going down it at first but Dave got in and went behind her and she flew down the slide. I'd say it wasn't her best slide experience but she liked it. What she really like was the arcade. She walked by every machine touching all the buttons. She sat on all the motorcycles and jumped on the dancing game pads. Meanwhile Ava was running laps up and down the ramp that goes between the caged area where the kids are climbing and sliding and the game area. She would start at the the top and run all the way down and turn around and run all the way back up. She probably ran a mile easily in the hour she spent on the ramp. We were there for about 4 hours so the girls got A LOT of exercise and so did we but as all good things it must come to an end and we left.

Dave had his car since he had come from work. The girls and I piled in ours and we decided we would follow Dave home. Olivia was in the backseat saying, "catchem our daddy, turn the wheel mommy, turn the wheel." It was so funny and cute. I would have loved for Dave to be able to hear her but my cell phone had died so that wasn't possible. Ava went to sleep as soon as her car seat was buckled. She has this uncanny ability to just shut off.

My backseat driver Olivia would shout out, "red light mommy or green means go" at every light. She narrated the traffic for me letting me know that the cars were turning or that the lights were bright. Usually she points out horses and cows so this was different and fun. We got home, took baths and went to bed. I asked Olivia if she had fun. Olivia said, "yes fun mommy, I sleep good."

Friday nights are becoming our family fun night. We get to regroup from being separated all week and unleash all of the stored up energy. I really appreciate Dave being there and getting to share in the joy that our kids experience. He's a wonderful father, a great husband, and the final piece to our weekly puzzle.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Definitely, Maybe Potential...

That's probably asking for a lot. I can tell this day is not going to be one of the better ones. In the first 15 minutes of being awake Ava has all ready peed her panties because she refused to sit on the potty. She refused to eat her banana because I guess she think I'm some short order cook who will make everything to her liking. Wrong. Today's breakfast is a banana, Cheerios, and a muffin. They don't get the muffin until last. I assume she's holding out thinking I'll crack. Wrong again. Don't mess with a mommy with PMS.

Olivia isn't making things any better by constantly talking, singing, and saying, "mommy I love you so much.." Yeah good timing when she knows her sister is crying and I'm busy with her. So hey, let me throw a little manipulation your way and see what you do with it. Oh and the singing...over the loud crying of Ava is the humming of Christmas carols. It's only 8:45 AM. Nap time isn't until 1PM. Man that's still along time to go.

Last night for some strange reason Ava woke up crying. Nothing seemed to stop her so Dave put her in bed with us. After she kicked me a few times in the back and drove Dave nuts he decided to just get in the shower and put her back to bed. Who knows if she went back to sleep. Could be why she's being so obnoxious right now or it could be from the outrageous number of teeth she cutting. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the hitting.

Ava had started hitting and kicking to get out of timeouts a few months ago. She doesn't hit hard, it's mainly her flailing her arm around and she looks at us as if to tell us that that gesture was aimed for us. The kicking is worse. She leans back and kicks both legs at us so we stay back when hold her in her timeout. I usually hold her shoulders from the back anyway because she's so squirmy but I really don't know how to stop the behavior other than waiting to she if she out grows it. When she's quieted down I tell her we don't kick, it hurts and doesn't make mommy or whomever she's kicked, feel good. I don't know if she gets it but, it's the best approach we have right now.

Today seems like the day to turn on cartoons and let them both just veg so the crying stops. Later we have plans to go to The Jungle and play so hopefully some of the attitudes should burn off from all the exercise. Dave will meet us there too so I won't have to watch the girls by myself. Thank God for Dave. Without him I'd probably be nuts...ok more nuts.

The sad part about all of this is that if it would have happened yesterday before the PMS set in, it would have just been a typical day. But today it just seems overwhelming and stupid really. Pity party for one has now ended. I am going to play with my beautiful children and brave the beast of the day that is set before me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen foods my girls are guaranteed to eat:

1. bananas

2. apples or applesauce

3. muffins

4. refried black bean and rice

5. whole wheat noodles

6. pizza

7. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

8. yogurt

9. cottage cheese

10. hot dogs/ corn dogs

11. humus and tortillas

12. couscous

13. broccoli

14. and all the obvious dessert items like Popsicles and ice cream

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #11

Lady giving me a piece of her mind about being stuck indoors.

A Day In The Life of...

These two little women are making me crazy today. First of all, Ava is getting a mouth full of teeth all at once so she’s unpredictably moody. One minute she’s fine and chuckling away, the next she’s having an explosive tantrum. Olivia on the other hand is up to her usual antics of let me see how far I can push you before you scream which doesn’t take long for Ava.

In my infinite wisdom I thought to myself ‘self what would make this a better day?’ and my self replied, ‘hire a nanny and head for the hills.’ Ahh I had to take a moment to think it over and came up with an even better idea… or so I thought. I went to the garage and got out the chalk and chalk board and drug it around to the backyard. Oh won’t they be excited.

Apparently, chalk only has a five minute hold on my children. They neglected the board all together and headed for the ground- great place to color- and the walls, and the swing, and the sliding glass door, and whatever else I’d end up having to clean up later. Then Olivia began eating it, this is no surprise. What would a day be without Olivia eating something non-edible? Ava looked like she had applied war paint all over her face. I suggested maybe we give the chalk a rest and we play in the little house or the grass.

Sounds like a good idea until I hear the call of, “mommy I found dog poop.” Off to the kitchen I go to get a bag. In the mean time Ava makes a poop of her own, proceeds to remove her panties, and allows the dog the opportunity to eat the poop. Just fantastic. Oh but this just fits in perfectly with my day.

After Olivia pulled some weeds and Ava removed most of the dirt from my garden I decided to seek refuge in the house and begin lunch. Crying and screaming ensued once inside since they were not ready to come in. Thank god for the inventor of frozen macaroni and cheese. Ava saw the noodles and calmed right down. I put the fish stick in the oven and started filling their plates. What was that? That beautiful sound you heard in the background? Why yes, that was the sound of munching and swallowing of quiet little angels. Lunch went by without too much of a fiasco. Ava threw all she had left on her plate on the ground like usual. Other than that things were looking up. Nap Time. Oh glorious naptime. From the highchair to the crib Ava went. One down, one to go.

Olivia was told to go and sit on her bed and wait for me to put Ava down. Of course she didn’t so when I went into her room I told her I was upset that she didn’t follow my directions. She looked at me with her little puppy dog eyes and said, “Mommy, I take nap. I want you happy. Night night mommy, I love you soo much.” Good night my sleeping beauties.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Olivia on drums...

I am not partaking in MM today. It is something about a carnival and different then I am used to. I am still too new at all of this to venture into new terrain on a Monday morning with my girls sitting beside me. I'll be back next week though. It looks cool, happy Monday to everyone participating.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cool items for $10

Went shopping for the neighbor kid's birthday today at the super fantastic Target store. Last time I went down the toy aisle I wasn't too enthusiastic about the toys for the 3 year old range and all the puzzle we seem to all ready own but to my surprise there was a whole other section of games and puzzles that were perfect for my neighbor's kid and of course Olivia as well. I can't go shopping for someone else's kid and not get my girls something as well. It just seems wrong to me.

I found these 48 piece floor puzzles. They are so cool and Olivia just loved them. I also found a set of 10 double sided puzzles. I don't think she is quite ready for that but maybe by next summer. I bought a package of 9, 12, 25 piece puzzles too. It was hard to choose between them but with Dora on the cover, you can't go wrong. Now or only issue is finding time and a place for Olivia to practice her puzzle skills without Ava coming over snatching a few pieces and running away.

I also found sunglasses on sale for the girls. These two little ladies just love wearing shades. At least once a day someone has a pair on. I also bought some giraffe slippers for both girls and some monkey socks for Olivia. These two are definitely spoiled. All the puzzles, slippers, and socks were put in the closet for Christmas. We will see them soon.

As the Cat Sleeps, the Mice Will Play

Dave was lucky to survive this weekend. I knew it seemed to good to be true when it was so quiet in the house. As he decided to nap on the couch Saturday afternoon, Olivia scaled the baby gate by using her bike as a ladder and was found in the kitchen standing on a chair. Doesn't sound so bad does it? It gets better. She had taken her little chair and placed it on top of the kitchen chair and was standing on top of both of them. In her hand was the turtle food container that she was cleaning in the fish tank. Yes, she dumped 2 full jars of turtle food into the tank. So many things could have happened if she had fallen off the chair or fallen against the tank. She could have went into the backyard to play since the door was open, thankfully we had dumped the water out of the pool the day before. I was furious with Dave for being so negligent while he was supposed to be watching her. He's lucky that nothing happened to her.

As for last night's dinner with the neighbors, it was great. The food was good but overpriced I my opinion. The night itself went wonderfully. Our babysitter is awesome with the girls and had them in bed and asleep by 8 PM without any crying whatsoever. She even brushed their teeth. It's nice to be able to go out now that the girls are bigger and know that they are in good hands. It's a huge relief.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Carnival

Friday night there was a carnival down the road from our house. It cost a buck for Dave and I to get in and all the rides were a buck. OMG did Livynut have a good time. The jumbo slide was by far her favorite. She would hit the bottom and scream out, "again daddy" and take off running back up the stairs. Ava was not a carnie. She thought the slide was frightening and when I asked her if she wanted to go again she promptly returned with a "no" thank you. Of course we didn't listen and put her on it again. She rode down with the look of fear and told me sharply, "no no no." Got it. We won't be doing that again.

There was a train that we all rode together. Ava like that one because she could steer the wheel and press the button for music. We stayed for a few hours and let Olivia just pick whatever she wanted to go on until she was tired and fulfilled. It was nice and warm outside and an excellent way to spend a Friday night.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday, Friday, Friday

Today I worry about my friends. They all seem to be having issues this week. One's having man issues compiled with job issues and caring for the cute new baby. The other is having woman issues compiled with divorce/co-parenting issues which oddly enough shouldn't be an issue at all, but you know how that goes... So they are both frustrated and will eventually work it all out but I feel for them. One's just had a baby and one's cooking a baby. Those are issues to tackle all by themselves even before adding in everything else. So good luck girls. Dave and I love you both and it will work itself out with time.

On another note, I am looking forward to going to dinner tomorrow with our friends down the street. We love them. The woman and I have a lot in common and never stop talking. The man and Dave always have something music, political, or sportsy to talk about. We see each other throughout the week but we don't get to just sit down and relax without the girls and have a good time. We all decided that we'd choose restaurants to try that no one has been to so we have a little adventure. Here's to hoping we picked a good one!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

34 months, 19 months

My babies are growing up. 2 more months and Olivia turns 3. I can't believe it's been 3 years all ready. Ava is a year and a half old. What's more amazing is that with 15 months between them they are only 1 pound apart. Ava dwarfs most other babies her age. She looks like she's at least 2 years old. In a few more months she definitely won't be a baby anymore. She pretty much isn't one now, it's just me trying to holding on to her precious few months left before she's officially off the baby radar and on the toddler scope. I mean hey, the girl doesn't wear diapers anymore, can talk in sentences, can run, jump, dance, and spin like the big kids. She can name a few colors, all her body parts, and can put together a puzzle in toddler lightning speed. She also loves to read read read, as she tells me. It's like she skipped right over the baby phase and high-tailed it to toddler hood.

Olivia's the model for Ava. Livynut dances the daylight away. She can sing many of the songs that are found in her books, she does regular cardboard puzzles without the frills of the little handles or premade places for the pieces to go. She sits on the floor at night and reads to Ava her books in the same way as I read to her. She holds the book so that Ava can see the pages and she reads off to the side. It's quite endearing. She'd make a great teacher someday. Now, she can't actually read the books. She has memorized them from hearing them countless times. She does know a few site words though. She's learning new stuff everyday like which picture is in the middle, how to go from top to bottom and left to right, the difference between big B and little b. We play memory games, and make peantbutter playdoh, and color. She climbs up and down all the play structures at the park. She has these ultrasonic ears that can hear an airplane or 'copter well before I ever hear it. She can count to 10 in spanish and 20 in english. Livy finds the greatest joy in petting dogs, cats, hunting for lizards and killing flies. Dave hands her the fly swatter and off they go. You hear WHACK followed by, "daddy I got one." Most of all she loves to nuggie and we do it almost every night. We relax, watch a cartoon, and nuggie until bedtime.

It's funny that it's sad they are leaving babyhood, but it's cool that they are growing up. It's awesome that they know now what's happening around them and they appreciate the time we spend with them. They can talk to us and tell us what they want, like, and need. Yeah the girls are awesome. Truly and completely awesome.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen of the best Foodnetwork Shows on TV:

1. Iron Chef
2. Iron Chef America
3. 30 Minute Meals
4. Ace of Cakes
5. Dinner: Impossible
6. Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives
7. Throwdown
8. Good Eats
9. Unwrapped
10. Emeril Live
11. The Secret Life of
12. Food Network Challenge
13. Tyler's Ultimate

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Feeling Better, Parenting Better

It was as if Olivia was never sick yesterday. Today she was bouncing around, chasing Ava, and giggling up a storm. She ate well, napped, and went to bed tonight without any issues.

Lately Livy and I have been having issues with her two year old attitude. She enjoys crossing her arms and proclaiming to me that, "she is busy now" when she doesn't want to do what I have asked. This leads to ineffective time-outs and apologies.

After some Internet searching and reading over the weekend I found a few techniques that really work for us. Typically by the end of the day Olivia's voice gets louder and louder to the point that I have to shout for her to even hear me over her own voice. Then she stops and looks at me like "what...did you want something?" Ummm yeah- inside voice please!!! It doesn't help that she talks immensely all day long either. This is fine but the sheer high volume of her voice tends to drive me nuts by 6pm. After finding my new techniques I have to say that so far this week I have not raised my voice once for her to hear or listen to me. She is using...are you ready for this...her inside voice. OMG- she really has one. I thought maybe she didn't get that gene but now I know differently and really it wasn't her issue it was mine. Olivia has been delightful to be around, she's been sweet and helpful, and proud of being a big girl. She tells me, "you're a good mommy...you're a good friend...Ava's a good friend." What's even better is that she and Ava have gotten along better this week too. Less arguments, less screeches of no no no, and ahh yes far less crying.

So now you might be interested in what I read and what techniques I am employing but here's the catch- just because it works for me doesn't mean it will work for you or your kids. Good thing the Internet is just a click away.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #10 Cruisin'

What's a Wordless Wednesday without two babes to look at!!!

Sick, Sick, Sick

It has hit us again. This time it struck only Olivia. My poor baby threw up all morning long. I felt so bad for her but she's a trooper. She sat in her little chair all morning long and watched an overabundance of cartoons while slowly sipping her drink. She fended off Ava's advances to steal her blankie and her throw-up bowl for as long as she could and then finally she just gave in. I was shocked that she didn't cry or whine about letting her belongings go. Ava squealed in delight about getting the blanket. She marched all over the living room showing off her new possession. She amused herself and Olivia got the time she needed to relax.

Olivia seems to be feeling much better. She ate lunch and was very eager to ask for more. For now they are both laying down taking their naps. I finally have a moment to catch up on stuff and things I have needed to get done. I also have an episode of Californication I'm dying to watch. Yes, I succumbed to the cable people and ordered Showtime. I had been holding out for so long but with the new season of Dexter beginning soon I just had to do it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Manic Monday #7

Mo from It's a blog eat blog world created this fantastic word for today's Manic Monday : Juice

When I hear the word juice I think of "daddy's juice" a.k.a. beer. We don't buy juice for our kids. They drink water or milk and have never really cared that anything else exists. Olivia somehow came up with term "daddy's juice" when Dave told her that his beer was for him only to drink. Neither of our girls see "the juice" and ask for it or care at all about it.

So when this daddy get thirsty for his juice he drinks Fat Tire. It's his Colorado favorite.

The bruise

This is Ava's goodbye gift from Grammie's house: A Huge Bruise

Very HOT and LONG Weekend

Wow. When we stay home for the weekend two days seem to creep by. It doesn't help that it is 10 AM and all ready 78 degrees outside. The good news is that it should round out to be roughly 97 degrees by this afternoon. Oh what fun. Yes this is sarcasm. I am not jumping for joy that it is getting hotter.

Earlier this morning around 8 we took the girls outside to ride the jeep. The neighbor kids all came out to play and drive it too. We stayed outside for about an hour but all the moms and dads were sweating so bad that we said goodbye until later tonight. Typically on weekends around 8 PM everyone heads outside to escape the cabin fever that has been building all day. We pull out the lawn chairs and the liquor and hang out for a few hours. It's fun and relaxing and the kids are in bed so we are not chasing them anymore. It's adult time for most of us with the smallest youngest kids. A few weekends ago we had movie night. I can't remember if I blogged about it but we brought out the projector to the backyard and put on a movie. All the neighbors came for movie night under the stars and brought beer and popcorn. It was like being at the drive-in in our own backyard as well as fun and safe and no one had to drive.

The pool is set up and filled with water so we can go swimming after dinner tonight. If the girls swim anytime before that we have to drench them in sun screen and it's just not as much fun. I have the stakes laid out for the BBQ for dinner tonight. I need to pull out the grill still but I have plenty of time.

Oh and we finally got a new neighbor who has two girls ages 5 & 6. I was really hoping someone would move in with kids so this is really cool. I guess the guy is going through a divorce so he gets the girls on weekends. Still really cool that our girls will have more girls to play with. We now only have one house left on the block in foreclosure. Hopefully that one will sell too and it will not become a rental.

This has been a rather uneventful weekend. The girls are healthy and recovered from their colds. We are well and good. Dave enjoyed this students last week and will be teaching 3 nights a week. It should a good semester for him. I may go loony from over exposure of the kids but....

Oh wow check that out. It's now 80 degree. Yea what fun.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Kimmer,

I'm glad you are having a great birthday and we wish we could be there to celebrate it with you. Since we can't I'll have Olivia sing to you off tune:

Hapky birfday to yooo
Hapky birfday to yooo
Hapky birfday dear Kimmer
Hapky birfday to yooo!

It's a little rough but that's pretty much how it sounds...

and Congrats to you and your new nine month adventure of babymaking!!!

For those of you who don't know her Kimmer is my best friend from college. She write's a blog titled- For the Long Haul. She just found out she is pregnant with her second child through artificial insemination. She has peed on approximately 1500 pregnancy sticks...ok ok it was probably only 15 sticks but who does that? Anyway until she actually gets confirmation from her doctor she does not believe she is really pregnant. I could go and explain all of this but it would take a long time and frankly I'm tired. But yes, all the sticks confirm the pregnancy and she is pregnant and we are all happy for her. (I know I'll be hearing about this post later on her blog...won't that be fun!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen of the best 1 hour dramas on TV:

1. Dexter

2. House

3. Damages

4. Prison Break

5. 24

6. Grey's Anatomy

7. In Plain Sight

8. The Cleaner

9. Burn Notice

10. Rescue Me

11. Dirty Sexy Money

12. Lost

13. Private Practice

Big Girl Bed

Labor Day Weekend Rocked!!!

I love three day weekends that turn into 4 days of fun. We jumped into the car Friday night to visit Grammie. We always say we are going to Grammie's house but it is really Grammie & Papa's house. Liv came up with that so it just kinda stuck. Anyway, all day Friday we talked about how after our nap we would be heading to Grammies. When Livy woke up she was pumped up and ready to put on her shoes. On small glitch...Dave was not home from work yet. She did not seem to care. We were going to Grammies and that was final. Whew. Shortly thereafter Dave arrived and we high-tailed it to the car, buckled up, started our movie, and buckled the dog in too.

Livy was so excited. She knew she was going to go swimming at Grammies and had a baby and stroller waiting there for her. We were excited because we had a full-time babysitter, free food, a hot-tub and pool, and all the liquor we could swallow. Actually I was really excited because we were getting Olivia's big girl bed to bring back with us. This was also going to be the first time Livy would be sleeping at Grammies and it was not in a toddler bed but a real big girl queen size bed.

We arrive a few hours later and the girls were so happy to see my parents. They showed off their talents...Ava using the potty and Olivia riding the scooter. Amazingly enough both girls went to bed without any hesitation. Ava always does so that really wasn't a surprise but I didn't know what Olivia would think about this big bed. She seemed to like it at first but then wanted Dave to lay with her until she went to sleep. Mission accomplished.

My mom had bought a bunch of gifts for the girls so they spent the rest of the weekend playing in the pool, running crazy throughout the house, pushing the strollers, lugging around their dollies, eating, eating, eating, bowling using the Wii, and making and playing with peanut butter playdoh. Olivia ate most of it within the first half an hour and she had a great time "baking" with her dad. Dave likes to do one-on-one activities with the girls to spend quality time with them and it's also nice that they focus on him and forget about me for a little while.

Grammie also went crazy in the clothing department. Oivia now has a well stocked winter wardrobe. Ava has all the old stuff from Olivia so they are complete in wardrobes for the winter. She also bought Livy some monkey sheets and a quilt for her bed. Ok ok she bought me some clothes too. Grammie still loves me.

On our last night we had a bowling challenge. Somehow, some freakish way, my mom is holding the highest score in bowling. No one can understand this phenomenon but earlier in the day she and I started playing, while Dave was being our bartender. She racked up this really high score and then the rest of the night the three of us literally killed ourselves trying to beat her. The next morning I woke up and moved my arm...omg...the pain. Dave and my mom were all ready up and voicing their complaints of all over body pain. My mom chimes in with, "I guess 5 hours of bowling will do that to you." Um, where were your words of wisdom last night? I remember last night's words were something in the way of... keep the wine coming... no where in there does she say," and oh BTW you'll be screwed tomorrow." Thanks Grammie. We all left Tuesday with our battle scars. Ava got a huge bruise on her chin from falling down in the living room, and Dave, Olivia, and I are suffering from Wii's version of carpal tunnel. It was fantastic. We had fun, we played, we relaxed, we ate, and we slept. This was everything I could have asked for in a vacation.

When we got home a neighbor happened to be outside so he offered to help Dave set up the new bed and break down the toddler bed. He was such a great help. I spent the hour putting away Olivia's closet and then Dave went to work. He started teaching again...

Night came around and it was time for Olivia to get into her big girl bed. She was sooo excited. She looked at those monkey sheets and climbed right in. I kissed her good night and closed the door. Then she cried, "no big girl bed, no monkey sheets, old bed." Huh. We can't exactly bring back the other bed just like that. So I told her it was ok and that I'd come back in 10 minutes to check on her. She was ok with that so I left. About 8 minutes later she cried again. I explained that it had not been 10 minutes yet and that I would be back in 5 minutes. Again she said ok. So in about 15 minutes I went back in, her eyes were sleepy and her head was turned to the side. I told her I was there to check on her and I would be back in 10 more minutes.

7 am Olivia proudly exclaimed that she slept in her big girl bed and that she is a big girl. My little baby has become my little girl. Makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Ava is drifting farther and farther away from babyhood too. She wants to be like Olivia so badly, she's growing up way too fast too. Her little smooshy face is starting to lose it's round baby like exterior and becoming a little girlie face. I take a lot of photos and movies to capture every moment I can.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008