Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day In The Life of...

These two little women are making me crazy today. First of all, Ava is getting a mouth full of teeth all at once so she’s unpredictably moody. One minute she’s fine and chuckling away, the next she’s having an explosive tantrum. Olivia on the other hand is up to her usual antics of let me see how far I can push you before you scream which doesn’t take long for Ava.

In my infinite wisdom I thought to myself ‘self what would make this a better day?’ and my self replied, ‘hire a nanny and head for the hills.’ Ahh I had to take a moment to think it over and came up with an even better idea… or so I thought. I went to the garage and got out the chalk and chalk board and drug it around to the backyard. Oh won’t they be excited.

Apparently, chalk only has a five minute hold on my children. They neglected the board all together and headed for the ground- great place to color- and the walls, and the swing, and the sliding glass door, and whatever else I’d end up having to clean up later. Then Olivia began eating it, this is no surprise. What would a day be without Olivia eating something non-edible? Ava looked like she had applied war paint all over her face. I suggested maybe we give the chalk a rest and we play in the little house or the grass.

Sounds like a good idea until I hear the call of, “mommy I found dog poop.” Off to the kitchen I go to get a bag. In the mean time Ava makes a poop of her own, proceeds to remove her panties, and allows the dog the opportunity to eat the poop. Just fantastic. Oh but this just fits in perfectly with my day.

After Olivia pulled some weeds and Ava removed most of the dirt from my garden I decided to seek refuge in the house and begin lunch. Crying and screaming ensued once inside since they were not ready to come in. Thank god for the inventor of frozen macaroni and cheese. Ava saw the noodles and calmed right down. I put the fish stick in the oven and started filling their plates. What was that? That beautiful sound you heard in the background? Why yes, that was the sound of munching and swallowing of quiet little angels. Lunch went by without too much of a fiasco. Ava threw all she had left on her plate on the ground like usual. Other than that things were looking up. Nap Time. Oh glorious naptime. From the highchair to the crib Ava went. One down, one to go.

Olivia was told to go and sit on her bed and wait for me to put Ava down. Of course she didn’t so when I went into her room I told her I was upset that she didn’t follow my directions. She looked at me with her little puppy dog eyes and said, “Mommy, I take nap. I want you happy. Night night mommy, I love you soo much.” Good night my sleeping beauties.

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