Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick

It has hit us again. This time it struck only Olivia. My poor baby threw up all morning long. I felt so bad for her but she's a trooper. She sat in her little chair all morning long and watched an overabundance of cartoons while slowly sipping her drink. She fended off Ava's advances to steal her blankie and her throw-up bowl for as long as she could and then finally she just gave in. I was shocked that she didn't cry or whine about letting her belongings go. Ava squealed in delight about getting the blanket. She marched all over the living room showing off her new possession. She amused herself and Olivia got the time she needed to relax.

Olivia seems to be feeling much better. She ate lunch and was very eager to ask for more. For now they are both laying down taking their naps. I finally have a moment to catch up on stuff and things I have needed to get done. I also have an episode of Californication I'm dying to watch. Yes, I succumbed to the cable people and ordered Showtime. I had been holding out for so long but with the new season of Dexter beginning soon I just had to do it.

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