Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manic Monday #9

Mo's word for Manic Monday is NUTS.

Looking back on the weekend I think I was nuts for taking the girls to the winery to pick up Dave's surprise. But at least I didn't get kicked in the nuts like he did while playing on the floor with the girls. Life's rough.


crazy working mom said...

It seems like kids love to find "that" place and think the reaction they get by kicking there is quite funny. Thank goodness I'm a woman! *LOL* I'm nuts here. Happy manic Monday!

bv said...

HAHA! Great post! Happy Manic Monday!

anthonynorth said...

As a dad I just hate it when that happens.
One post this week has already made me cross my legs. Now I've tears in my eyes ;-)

Jamie said...

Ouch! I hope the wine eased the pain.

Mo said...

Ha! I was wondering if anyone was going to have a "kicked in the nuts" post this week!
Thanks for participating in Manic Monday!
Manic Mo