Sunday, September 7, 2008

Very HOT and LONG Weekend

Wow. When we stay home for the weekend two days seem to creep by. It doesn't help that it is 10 AM and all ready 78 degrees outside. The good news is that it should round out to be roughly 97 degrees by this afternoon. Oh what fun. Yes this is sarcasm. I am not jumping for joy that it is getting hotter.

Earlier this morning around 8 we took the girls outside to ride the jeep. The neighbor kids all came out to play and drive it too. We stayed outside for about an hour but all the moms and dads were sweating so bad that we said goodbye until later tonight. Typically on weekends around 8 PM everyone heads outside to escape the cabin fever that has been building all day. We pull out the lawn chairs and the liquor and hang out for a few hours. It's fun and relaxing and the kids are in bed so we are not chasing them anymore. It's adult time for most of us with the smallest youngest kids. A few weekends ago we had movie night. I can't remember if I blogged about it but we brought out the projector to the backyard and put on a movie. All the neighbors came for movie night under the stars and brought beer and popcorn. It was like being at the drive-in in our own backyard as well as fun and safe and no one had to drive.

The pool is set up and filled with water so we can go swimming after dinner tonight. If the girls swim anytime before that we have to drench them in sun screen and it's just not as much fun. I have the stakes laid out for the BBQ for dinner tonight. I need to pull out the grill still but I have plenty of time.

Oh and we finally got a new neighbor who has two girls ages 5 & 6. I was really hoping someone would move in with kids so this is really cool. I guess the guy is going through a divorce so he gets the girls on weekends. Still really cool that our girls will have more girls to play with. We now only have one house left on the block in foreclosure. Hopefully that one will sell too and it will not become a rental.

This has been a rather uneventful weekend. The girls are healthy and recovered from their colds. We are well and good. Dave enjoyed this students last week and will be teaching 3 nights a week. It should a good semester for him. I may go loony from over exposure of the kids but....

Oh wow check that out. It's now 80 degree. Yea what fun.

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