Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday's Fun Fest

Today was extra super cool. The girls and I got to go visit my BFF's new house which I'm secretly really glad is way closer than her old house. It only took about 50 minutes to get there as opposed to the hour and a half it used to take. This means we can visit more often and the babies can play together and really know each other. I'm glad for that. I'm also glad she and I can hang out again more often.

I miss the good old days when we worked together or went to school together and just got to talk about everything or just nothing at all. So I'm glad she's back, her house was cool, and although she thinks it needs upgrading, I thought it rocked. It had everything a family could need. It's down the street from a great school and park, it's close to everything like shopping, banking, and other mom stuff, and it has a great view. The two bathrooms and two living rooms are also a huge plus when everyone wants to do their own thing. I think they picked a good one and my BFF now needs to relax and enjoy it.

The girls had a great time visiting. Olivia was in love with the baby. She held her and played with her and even got to feed her. It was a dream come true for her. Ava got to investigate the house, play with the car seat buckles (yes she has hit the I have to buckle everything for myself stage), and somewhere lost her peanut butter and jelly sandwich...oops sorry about that. Here's to hoping it doesn't start to stink soon...:)

The girls played for the afternoon and then we headed to the car to go home... literally Ava took a header into the pavement right as we were leaving. Can I not take them anywhere without Ava skinning her chin? Apparently not. Oh but that's not the best part... I dusted her off and put her in the car seat and she settled down. I decided to stop by this winery that Dave had wanted to go to the last time we were in the area which I thought would be a really nice gesture to pick him up something for a surprise. Surprises never go off without a hitch right? Nope.

We pull into the winery, me with my two kids, humm not really a kid place but we were just stopping by. I lifted the sleeping Ava out of the car and Olivia jumped out. We started heading for the door and what do you know Olivia takes a header right into the dirt. Tears were flying everywhere, we were sweating and dripping like pigs, and Olivia was covered in dirt from her forehead to her toes. The dirt was the powder dusty kind that when you kick it- it covers your legs like ash. Yes and Olivia looked like she just rolled around in it. I took her over to the pavement and dusted her off and looked for scrapes. She was all right but a little shaken up but her arm had road rash from her wrist to her elbow. I cleaned her up a little and decide we had better just go in and grab something for Dave or all of this effort and skin removal would be for nothing. Damn Dave and his stupid surprise.

We walked inside, again me with two toddlers, and the woman behind the bar shoots me a dirty look. I said I just wanted to pick up something for my husband since he had always wanted to stop by here and I didn't know when we'd be back in the area. All of the wine snobs shot me the same dirty looks and she handed me the list of all the wines. She asked me if I was going to be tasting, "uh you not see the kids at my feet?" Olivia begins ringing the wind chimes, Ava starts squirming, I'm still sweating ferociously and I see port on the list. I told the lady he'd like the port, just ring it up. We grabbed and ran out of there before Olivia could take her fourth swipe at the chime. At this point I'm thinking if Dave isn't at all happy for our effort he's going to get crap filled diapers left in his car.

So we hopped back into the car and I analysed Olivia's arm one more time. I cleaned it with a paper towel and water and got most of the dirt out of the scape. She didn't seem to care she just waned to drink out of my water. We headed home, all the while Ava kicked the hell out of the back of my seat. I guess that's what I get for doing something nice for my husband.

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