Sunday, August 28, 2011

Welcoming For Gavin!

Welcome home little buddy! Today is your party for all of our friends who have watched you grow in the belly but haven't seen your face in the real world. And what a cute little mug you have!
Ava and Olivia made this banner with Grammie for your home coming.
We rented a Cat in the Hat jumper for all of your friends.

Of course your sisters had to test it out before the other kids arrived. They played in the jumper all day and were exhausted by the end of the day.
After much jumping the kids sat for a quick second to eat some pizza. Hayden and Kaylee from Karate came with their parents George and Jennifer, Max and Marcus came with Sarah, Nick and Joe came with their parents, Emma and Spencer from preschool came to play, Karen your soon to be best preschool teacher ever showed up for awhile, and Amparo and her family, Royal, Eduardo, and the rest of your new friends all came too. You were very welcomed and everyone got to hold you and pass you around. I had a great time with all the other mommies and daddy was in love with the other dads. They are all like him- into collecting trading cards, bobble heads, comics, and sports. He had a blast. All the guys actually formed a man circle in the backyard with their cans of beers and story telling. Their wives had to drag them home.
And your sisters- they had a blast too. They were so thankful you were here so they could party:)

Eduardo holding Gavin while smiling with the girls.
Here's your awesome cake. This created much of a disturbance since all the kids thought that they should get a dinosaur... There were only 3 and there are only three of you guys so you can imagine how that went down. Don't worry- when you are old enough to play with them Ava has them secretly stashed in her room. I'll show you where they are!
Amparo and Arturo holding you. They are so happy.
Tutu and Arturo... Tutu was only 2 years old when I met Amparo so this is special in that they are here when I have kids.
And after your rockin' party you hit the crib for some long awaited R&R. Sleep tight little buddy- those girls are waiting for you!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Olivia started KINDERGARTEN!!! Today is the day that Olivia has been waiting for for an entire year!
Look at that school uniform. So pretty!
Getting in the truck and heading for school.
Home Sweet Home for the next 9 years...
Standing outside her classroom waiting for her teacher to open the door. Olivia is so proud to be a Kindergartner.
And I'm proud of my little monkey too!
Her first assignment is to cut out the apple.
Whatchu lookin' at Mommy?
Liv's friend Cole who also is in karate.
Our sweet girl. Daddy was proud to take this picture!
The rainbow rug where magic and dreams happen in the form of a story read by Liv's teacher.

I was a little sad to leave her at school in a new place all by herself. Liv, on the other hand, didn't even look back. Her day had begun and she was busy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Announcement for Gavin

The proud Sister

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ava- Orange Belt!

 Ava tested today for her Orange belt in karate.
 She has to demonstrate all of her skills to her teacher.
 This is a down block.
 This is an up block.
 Front punch.
 Giving back her white belt to receive the orange belt!
 Oh yeah! Orange belt in her little paws!
My proud Ava. She did an excellent job!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Night

The girls went to all three movies under the stars this summer. They ate popcorn and played with their friends. Here's Liv with Kaylee Rose. Nick and Hayden and a few of Liv's preschool friends all attended. I stayed home this time too pregnant to go. Grammie and Papa took my place with Dave and the girls. They said it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gavin- 2 Weeks

Awe sleepy baby...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A's Game

 Papa and Grammie went to their first bobble head game. Liv was super excited.
 Grammie said her bobble head was going right on her mantle.

After the game, the girls tried to drive off with the police motorcycles... Noooo- they just posed for their picture!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Liv- Orange Belt Stripe

Way to go Olivia!! You earned your first stripe on your Orange Belt!! We are so proud of you!!!

Ava Preschool- 2nd Year

My Princess started her second year of preschool today. She ran right off and into the school before I could barely kiss her goodbye she was so excited. I was excited for her too. She loves school and Ms. Karen so much. I am so proud of my Ava cakearoonies.

 Armed and ready for school.
 Nothing like getting to school and seeing your best friend.
 Our famous preschool picture. Look at how cute she is...
 Putting up her backpack.
 My Ava. I love this little girl:)
 Ms. Karen meeting her future student.
 School's out and my Ava's ready for lunch.

First day after school we headed to celebrate with a smoothie and some fun.
Ava's school photo. The big preschooler is waiting to go to Kindergarten already. She does all of Olivia's homework as well as her own. It is awesome having kids who love school. Ava can also read 50 words now and is starting to read basic books. Fun times!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gavin's 1st Bath

At least Gavin is clean- happy no, clean yes!