Monday, August 8, 2011

Ava Preschool- 2nd Year

My Princess started her second year of preschool today. She ran right off and into the school before I could barely kiss her goodbye she was so excited. I was excited for her too. She loves school and Ms. Karen so much. I am so proud of my Ava cakearoonies.

 Armed and ready for school.
 Nothing like getting to school and seeing your best friend.
 Our famous preschool picture. Look at how cute she is...
 Putting up her backpack.
 My Ava. I love this little girl:)
 Ms. Karen meeting her future student.
 School's out and my Ava's ready for lunch.

First day after school we headed to celebrate with a smoothie and some fun.
Ava's school photo. The big preschooler is waiting to go to Kindergarten already. She does all of Olivia's homework as well as her own. It is awesome having kids who love school. Ava can also read 50 words now and is starting to read basic books. Fun times!

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