Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Cuties

This is the Butterfly Princess

And her Companion, The Fairy Princess

Change in the Weather

Yesterday the weather shifted dramatically for California. We got rain...ok so it was a mere sprinkle but it still counts as rain. Since we weren't going to be playing outside, Olivia and I baked cookies.

Livy got dressed in her apron and hat and climbed onto the kitchen chair. She's so big now she can actually help me cook and do a great job at the same time. It's cool. Ok so I'm partial- I am her mother. Anyway, we decided to make sugar cookies and roll them into sprinkles and/or cinnamon and sugar.

First, Livy got out HER scissors and cut open the bag. I know- she has scissors now!!! It seems like just yesterday she was bouncing in her jumpy thingy. She skillfully dumped the bag into the bowl and began to shake it vigorously to get the rest of the cookie mix out of the bag. Wow a cloud of cookie dough dust goes a long way. She added the water and began to stir. She was so proud of herself. Then came her hands into the bowl and straight into her mouth. Apparently dough doesn't taste that great when it's not fully mixed. *Cough. Cough.*

Once the dough was formed we broke off some chunks and began rolling it into balls. I made the portions pretty even so she could roll, squeeze, smoosh, flatten, and then bite it before putting it into the sprinkles. Once done she put all of her blobs onto the the cookie sheet in one big mound. "Ready for the oven" she exclaimed.

We made several cookie sheets full of cookies and after they baked and cooled we went to the family room and ate our fresh baked goodies. Ava wanted more like usual so Livy got to pass them out. It was a fun filled rainy morning that I can't wait to do again. It was such a kick watching Liv have such a great time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #17 Blue Mouth

Great way to begin nap time. I'm sure the dentist appreciates this:

The Way Out

I've finally gotten back on the horse again and started working out. After 3 weeks of nothing but laying around eating everything in sight yesterday I walked/jogged on the treadmill. Let me tell you- 3 weeks may seem like a short time but it is really all it takes to lose what stamina I had built up. I jogged for 10 minutes which felt like an hour.

Today I jogged for 20 minutes and walked for 2o minutes. I only made it 3 miles but I felt a lot better just because I wasn't sitting around. I don't know why I take these breaks and ruin what I've built up but it seems to be that every few months I need a break and a binge so I indulge. It would probably help if I got out of the house more but when you have two small children it's not always a possibility.

Speaking of my kids... God I love those little boogers cutie pies. Ava is changing every day. Her speech is improving and her demands are becoming more bold. Today she stated, "ees mine mommy...let go." Her ability to string words together is so cool and her speech for the most part is really clear. Yesterday when I put her on the big potty she started in with her Fred Flintstone hands and feet slapping the air at me and I told her, "No, we do not hit. You need to say you are sorry." She then tried to cry her way off of the potty which didn't work either. Finally she just peed and shouted, "YAY!!!! I sorry mommy." She then leaned over and hugged me and we clapped and said bye to the potty. I know it doesn't seem like a big moment but for me it showed that she is connecting her actions to her words and understanding cause and effect. She growing up. My little Avacake-a-roonie is growing up.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Manic Monday #13

Mo has chosen the word ghost for today's Manic Monday Meme.

When I was a kid my Aunt told me a story about a woman visiting her husband in their bedroom. She said every time the woman would appear he would be talking to her and my Aunt was told to go back to sleep. She said there was something calming about the woman and she wasn't afraid even though the woman possessed ghost like qualities.

I personally don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe people will come back and talk to you and give you messages. I believe you see what you want to see and fate is what you make of it. I also don't believe your life is predetermined. Choices that make I predict my future.

To me ghosts belong in scary Halloween flicks and should be enjoyed with popcorn.

Haunted House

A spooky haunted house was set up right down the street. How could we pass that up? Ok it was Sunday night and typically we don't do anything since it is the end of the weekend but we couldn't pass it up. We invited a few neighborhood kids to go too and jumped in the car.

One of the neighbor kids was too frightened to go into the house and she and I waited outside. Dave and the other neighbor took the girls into the spookfest. Olivia got to hold a lantern so she wasn't scared. Ava had to walk for herself following right behind Olivia. Dave said it was awesome and it had great potential to be really scary if we didn't have small kids with us.

Next year we are all over this house. I love scary stuff and I am a little bummed I didn't get to see it but there's always next year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Trick Or Treat

Tonight the city was sponsoring a safe trick or treat so we dressed the girls in their costumes and headed out the door. It said it started at 5pm but when we got there at 5pm it was full of people. Olivia was loving the fact that everyone was dressed up and that they were giving out balloons and candy. Ava, of course, wanted to walk for herself since we are no longer allowed to help her or treat her like a baby.

Ironically, McGruff the crime dog was there. If you read my last MM post you'll see he was discussed. Many fairies were flying around. A few superheros and some scary goblin guys were out too. There was a haunted bus that featured some spooky crows and bloody corpses. A lot of parents dressed up as well.

Gobs of candy were handed out. That was the main thing and the girls loved it. Olivia wanted to go again but we talked to her about next weekend's trick or treating so we went home and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. Both girls loved wearing their costumes too and didn't want to take them off. Go figure.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #15

So it’s been over two weeks now that I haven’t worked out and I’m feeling it all over. I’ve been eating like a crazed person and watching some pretty great TV. Sounds great except I have gained 5-6 pounds that won’t be fun to work off later. Every day I hear the little nagging voice in my head telling me it’s time to get back to it and stop lounging around. So far I have quieted that sound by eating more to the point that I am so full I can’t work out. All I can do is sit and watch TV.

A few minutes ago I had a huge debate with myself about exercising and getting it over with or doing my Thursday 13 since it is in fact Thursday and half the day has all ready passed. Of course 13 seemed like a better option so I plopped myself down and got all ready and what do you know- Blogger sends back an offline error message.

Yes- a smart person would probably see this as an act of God telling me to get off my butt and workout, there are no other options. I’ve cleaned, paid my bills, the kids are sleeping…perfect opportunity- to watch last night’s recorded TV! Hooray for me!!!

I am not a smart person. I know this to be true. Don’t follow in my footsteps or I will probably lead you down the wrong path to glutoney and when you turn around you’ll find dog poop on your shoes. Yes, it has been that kind of day.

For my 13 I give you this list:

1. Don’t take the advice of strangers…they are in fact strangers!
2. Don’t listen to me either. I don’t know what I’m doing.
3. Count your kids shoes before leaving the grocery store. They have a clever way of kicking them off right before you pay and leave.
4. Chips when eaten by the bag full are so yummy and so crunchy.
5. Only bake the amount of frozen cookie dough you plan on eating at one sitting.
6. Listen to the voice in your head or you’ll pay for it later.
7. TT is good for rambling.
8. Just work out so you don’t have to write your own ridiculous post like this one.
9. Air freshener does not remove the stinky smell of a diaper gone wrong in your child’s bedroom, it just adds to the unpleasantry.
10. If you want to suffer from a hot flash, take your toddlers to Target and have them try on jeans. After the third pair you’ll break out into a sweat and wish you had just stayed home.
11. Plan ahead
12. Make a back-up plan for that plan
13. Watch TV. It feels right.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #16 Pirates

Grammie & Papa- The Overniter

They came back from their Michigan adventure and spent the night. Boy were the girls thrilled. Grammie got her nose licked...yes licked... several times by Livy and she got to share her pizza with Liv too. Wow I'm sure she thought that was such a bonus. Ava followed Papa around calling his name and playing with him. She has really warmed up to him a lot.

Since they spent the night, the girls were all giggly and hyper. They played really hard and then hit their pillows like bears ready for hibernation. When they woke up they spied their ever sleeping Grammie and ran over to get into bed with her. Both of them were naked of course since they had just showered with us. Thankfully Papa got some panties on Ava and happiness floated all around.

But again as with all good things, Grammie and Papa had to leave after breakfast. We all waved goodbye and shouted our last "see ya's" and flicked on the tube. Grammie will back in a few weeks for the party of one special little Olivia. Papa will be hunting. Soon...real soon...the girls will be reunited to lick the nose of their favorite Grammie.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Manic Monday #12

Mo has chosen today's word for Manic Monday to be: Bite

My first thoughts went out to McGruff the Crime dog and how he would take a bite out of crime when I was a kid. His commercials used to run before and after the after school special. So I decided to look around to see if he still exists and what do you know he does and he has his very own website and blog!

According to the site October is crime prevention month. The blog explains how to be safe on the Internet with children as well as other things like what to do for bullying prevention. It's a pretty cool site for parents and children. My kids are too young to benefit just yet but when the time comes we know where McGruff is and how to take a bite out of crime.

The Haunted House

"Scary... Spooky... Cool... Mommy I don't like it... I don't like it. They are scaring me!!!" First words spoken as Olivia walked through the haunted house.
I explained to her that the people in the house were supposed to look scary and that that is what makes it fun. At first she wanted to touch everything, the snakes, bloody bones, eyeballs, but then we rounded a corner to never never land and she freaked out. The people were dressed in some pretty graphic attire and I reminded her that they were not real but she high tailed it out of there like her feet were on fire. I have to say that her first experience at a haunted house will be quite memorable.

On a side note: Ava didn't even notice that anything or anyone was different. She had no idea what was going on.

I had found out about this haunted house a few days ago after reading one of the monthly city guides we receive for our area. It funded Alzheimer patients and was being held at a near by church. How could we pass that up?

A lot of kids were dressed in their costumes as well as their parents too. We didn't dress up our kids. It actually didn't even occur to me to put their costumes on. Oh well. Next weekend the business district is hosting a safe trick or treating adventure that the girls will get dressed up for. I love this month. Every weekend there is something cool to do for the kids that is way cheap. I like cheap. Cheap is good.

So the haunted house had some pretty neat games for the kids to play and after they win coins to buy a prize. Our kids came away with two spider back scratchers. They came in handy when Olivia used them to pop her balloon animal in the car. Talk about scary. It shot into the front seat and scared the heebee jeebees out of me.

Upon arriving home we broke out their loot and and sifted through the candy to find some pretty cool pirate patches and tattoos. Here's some pictures of our new pirates:

The Shark Slide

Genius Dave did it again. While driving home from work on Friday he noticed that across the street from the freeway there was another pumpkin patch with one of those big super slides. Olivia loved this at the carnival last month. So in between all the other stuff and things that we had to do on Saturday we stopped by to see how much it was cheap!

Slide goers could pay by 15 minute increments... This was perfect for us. We really only had 15 minutes to squeeze in between everything else. And it was totally worth every second and penny.

Dave and Olivia found the shark slide where the kids climb up the side and slide out of the sharks mouth. 15 minutes of that and Olivia was all giggles and Dave was her slide hero. Off to continue our shopping we went. I asked Olivia in car what she thought of the slide, "I loved it mommy. Shark teeth...and slide..big teeth."

It makes me happy that our kids are building happy fun memories of spending quality time with us.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been seen and LIKED!!!

First of all for someone who never receives anything this is pretty freakin' cool. I was given the I Love Your Blog Award by cookingmom and I thank her very much.

So when this award is accepted there a few rules that go with it:
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* Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
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* Enjoy your award!

Here are the awesome blogs I've given the award:
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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Secret Vacation For One

I used to have free time..before kids... that was just for sitting around watching TV or reading magazines. I loved this time and cherished it. I didn't know it was ever going to come to such an abrupt end or I would have wallowed in it. Now after having kids even my free time is scheduled and quite often neglected.

This week I decided to take a break and take the girl's nap time off. Instead of working out, paying bills, planning or cleaning during this time, I decided that I would nap, rest, watch TV while eating like a pig, or just lay in the tub and read my magazines. So far I've put on roughly 6 pounds so I think I am doing this vacation time correctly.

However, in my idle time I have to come to realize I do miss working out. I don't enjoy feeling bloated and fat. And to top it off I just feel plain lazy. I didn't realize how accustomed I had become to cramming in all those little tedious activities while the girls slept. I guess the grass is always greener somewhere else.

In all of my idle time, I've had a lot and I mean a lot of thinking time, the one thing that rings out pretty clearly to me is that if I couldn't go upstairs and check on my girls while they slept and know that they are safe then my life would be empty. They make every day perfect. Who needs all day every day to lay around and do nothing anyway? How boring. I can say that. I've seen both sides of the fence.

Thursday Thirteen #14

13 Things I do in the morning before I can get to a cup of coffee- not in any particular order...

1. feed the turtles and fish

2. get dressed...shower if lucky

3. put Ava on the potty

4. feed the kids

5. kiss my husband goodbye and throw some snacks in his lunchbox

6. let the dog and cat outside who stand impatiently waiting at the door and crying until they are free.

7. unload the dishwasher

8. grind coffee, fill pot, and turn it on in the hopes that I will get to it while it's still hot and still morning.

9. stop the arguing, crying, or food throwing at the table

10. I remind myself that having kids is a blessing and they are only small once while wiping off the walls of splattered food particles.

11. I remove the kids from the table, put Ava back on the potty again, start the mind-altering cartoons which will aid me in getting to my coffee sooner, and pour my first cup.

12. Gotta let the dog and cat back in now because both of them are afraid of the sprinklers.

13. Need to wipe Ava and dump her urine out, put coffee in microwave and reheat.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #15 Funny Animal Shots

Grammie & Papa

So they came and went. That was fast.

Olivia and Ava heard the garage door go up and the chanting of, "daddy, daddy's home" began to fill the family room except that around the corner came Grammie.

"GRAMMIE!!!" yelled Olivia. "AHHH!!" yelled Ava.

I was not needed any longer. I could have packed my bags and left town and no one would have even noticed.

Grammie came with her bags of new clothes and Papa brought in the new desk for Olivia's birthday. Everyone was happy and hungry so we piled into the car and made a trip to the lunch buffet. All You Can Eat goes a long way in this family. Everyone stuffed their gut and we were off again to go home and show off the new swing and slide.

Olivia demonstrated how she could swing by herself like a big girl. Ava ate chalk as usual. Then as quickly as they arrived, Grammie and Papa were off again to go the airport for their trip back East.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nothing Much...

Today is a day to play. We have nothing planned and nothing to do. The slide and swing are sitting there waiting for warm buns to grace them but the girls would rather play with the shovel and dig in the dirt. Go figure.

Checked out a dollar store yesterday. Who knew you could buy so much stuff for a buck? I bought Halloween cards for the nephews, wrapping paper, cookies, peanuts for Dave, Olivia's new photo album for her Pumpkin Patch pictures. It was really cool and now I wish I had bought a few of those photo albums because the girls just love to look at their pictures.

Grammie and Papa come tomorrow afternoon. It should be fun. We are taking the girls to lunch. Dave has to work. Can't wait!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Manic Monday #11

Mo's word for Manic Monday is Moon.

One of Olivia & Ava's favorite books is titled The Moon in My Room. This board book is cool becuase it comes with it's very own night light that stays lit for about 4 minutes each time you press the button. It tells the story of going to bed and if the child needs to get up at night they have their very own flashlight. I recommend it to parents of small children especially if they are scared of the dark.

The Great Pumpkin Hatch Olivia

All week we had been waiting for Saturday, Saturday, Saturday to go to the great pumpkin hatch. We would see the giant display at the grocery store advertising their ghostly ghosts, scary bats and loads of pumpkins big and small. Every single time Olivia would ask for a pumpkin hatch and I would tell her, "today's only Tuesday. We still have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday and we will go to the hatch."

Needless to say Olivia has now learned the days of the week in the process of waiting. I saw the opportunity and taught her all of our first and last names, how old she is, how old she will be in November, and Ava's age. It actually seems easier to teach her things in the context of doing something else like counting how many stairs we go down then just teaching her how to count.

Olivia thinks the numbers go 1,2,3,4, 4 1/4, 4 1/2...5. One day the girls were jumping on the couch and I asked them to get off and started counting. It was the funniest thing to hear Livy say 4 and a quarter. Ava has learned to count to 3 because I give them to the count of 5 before they get a time out. It's great that they pick up stuff so easily but now I really have to watch what I say because they ARE listening.

So back to the hatch...

Saturday rolled around and the girls woke up all giggly. We dressed them in their flashing Halloween shirts and jeans due to the weather being so incredibly windy. We hopped into the car and a few minutes later we arrived and hit the ground running...literally- covered in dirt and we haven't even gotten through the entrance gate. Once inside the girls ran around like crazy people. They went through the big corn maze, the small one, and the big kid one.

They checked out the animals in the barn area. Ava's favorite was the calf. She is really into cows lately. I think because she likes to moo. They ran through the tee pees and jumped on and off the hay bails. Mostly they played in the sand and dirt. Had I brought Olivia a shovel, it would have been the equivalent of taking her to the beach.

Our last stop was the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. We boarded the truck and held on tight. When we got to the patch the girls ran to the pumpkins and tried to pick up ones that were far to big for them. It was really cute. We searched and searched for just the right pumpkins and we were off to the truck again.

It was a fun and dirty morning. When we got home the girls went to play on their new swing/slide before they ate lunch. Our neighbor came down and helped Dave put on the finishing touches and the girls were very pleased.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dave's Friday Off

Dave took today off of work due to the fact that he had to go to the Orthodontist and get his retainer tightened. It made for a great day. We went shopping, got all the extra parts we needed for the swing set, made plans with the neighbors to go to dinner, and slept in.

I love when he takes a day off work. It's so nice, the kids really enjoy it, and we don't have to cram everything in to the weekend. Plus he wasn't tired from working all week so we picked some movies to watch in the evening.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #13

13 Things I love about my husband

1. He is super sweet and loving to me everyday.
2. He always says I love you before hanging up the phone.
3. He takes great care of our kids and is a great father.
4. On the weekends he brings me coffee before I can make it downstairs.
5. He will scratch my back, legs, arms whenever I ask even when he probably doesn't want to.
6. He will change a dirty diaper or panties or puke without hesitation.
7. He always come straight home from work to be with us.
8. On nights he teaches school (2nd job) he calls the girls to say goodnight at exactly 7:30 PM so he doesn't miss them going to bed.
9. He will get out of bed and check on the girls even if he is dead tired.
10. He kills any and all spiders or bugs so that I don't have to go near them.
11. He loves us all unconditionally.
12. He's really funny, sometimes sneaky funny!
13. He's great in bed...what did you think I'd leave that out?

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It's Official...

The hunger strike has ended. They thought they could fool me but I got 'em.

For the last few days Ava has been cutting an obscene amount of teeth. Every morning she wakes up with a bloody shirt, bloody sheets, and a terrible attitude. All day she pokes her fingers in and out of her mouth rubbing her gums. I've been giving her some acetaminophen every few hours but it doesn't seem to be doing that great of a job.

Since these teeth are coming in all at one time, Ava doesn't want to eat anything other than cottage cheese and yogurt. This is my "will eat anything" child so it's really painful to see her so miserable.

But what happened to the rest of my family? Olivia apparently has decided by the looks of pretty much everything that I cook her that she doesn't like it. How can you not like something that hasn't gotten in a close enough proximity to you for you to even see? Well she has made up her mind and decided to go on her own hunger strike. Fine. Whatever. We'll see how long it can last. All she ate yesterday was a banana and an apple. Today's she eaten an apple. We shall see...

Explain to me why the dog and cat are refusing their food. Ok so the dog did barf on the rug yesterday and I suppose the cat may be feeling some sympathy pains for her but good grief. Give a mom a break. They haven't eaten in 2 days either.

And then it happened...

I decided all the leftovers were being reserved. No more freshly cooked anything for the girls until the stuff from yesterday is eaten. But I did want to make some meatballs and a meatloaf for Dave and I for tonight's dinner and his lunch tomorrow so I made those and while they baked I reheated and reserved.

The little angels appeared around the table somewhat suspicious. I heard the moan of "no" coming from Ava's lips. Whatever... I can handle this...If they don't eat there's always dinner. Ava looked down at her plate, squished the turkey and mac-n-cheese in her chubby little fist and inhaled. Alleluia, Alleluia... AND then requested, "mo" Ahhh, she's back. She ate a few meatballs and was full. Finally. Good times.

Now for her sister. Olivia started picking at the broccoli and before I knew it she ate all the chicken, rice, and broccoli. She asked for more chicken and then wanted more rice. I offered her a meatball. I guess that was pushing it. She politely declined telling me, "I don't like that kind." Ok. That's fair. She ate her entire lunch.

After putting the girls down for their naps, I made my way back to the kitchen for some water and low and behold the dog ate her food too. I refused to look in the cat bathroom to see if the cat ate. I don't want to spoil a good thing. Glad the strike has ended.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #14 Hold the Mayo

This is a picture of my hamburger and my husband's hamburger. He tells me he is trying to LOSE weight!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

La La Land

The girls have drifted off to la la land and the house is back to it's peaceful slumber. Sometimes I will forget that I used to have a quiet house all day long, before the kids, Dave, the ever begging dog, and the howling cat.

When the house is this quiet I can hear the refrigerator water fill back up, the ice maker crackle, birds chirping off in the distance, and low and behold my own thoughts twirling around in my head.

My two hour window has begun all ready. Ava's been down for a nap for 45 minutes. I can't decide what I would like to do- option one being that I could sit here and write and read blogs while waiting for the Fed Ex guy to show up or option two is that I could go run on the treadmill and hope that I hear the Fed Ex guy if and when he arrives therefore having to stop my workout or cut it short. Apparently since I'm still sitting here and my clock is running out I have chosen option one without giving it much thought.

Dave will be home early today so I can always work out when he gets home. Man, I love him... Anyway, I prefer to exercise during nap time since that's when I feel I have the most energy but everyday can't be exactly how I want it to be or I would have won the lottery a long time ago.

The Fed Ex guy is bringing us a slide/swing thing we bought from Toys R Us. We live down the street from a park/playground with all the fancy slides and rock climbing walls and mounds so we went for the basic option just so when I don't feel like walking over to the park the girls can still play. God that makes me sound so lazy. The park is literally one street away and I don't always feel like walking over there.

Partly what stinks about the park is the trash. The girls are magnets to trash and it ends up with me telling them not to touch anything laying on the ground at the park. Ironically, our backyard is full of dog crap so when they go outside I have to tell them not to touch the crap until I can pick it all up. This is hard since Liv wants to hold the bag of crap and walk with me. It would be ok if she didn't swing the bag around but I'm not that fortunate.

Huh. Kinda sounds like we traded other people's trash for dog crap. d'oh!

I'm sure the girls will love gym equipment. They will still go to the park everyday like always, but now they have something to do at home too.

It's been an hour now. The house is still quiet. The dog is laying at my feet breathing heavily. I sure wish that Fed Ex guy would hurry up and get here...

It's funny- most of the day I dream of silence in the house when the girls are screaming, crying, singing loudly, or just banging their toys around. I miss that noise right now. I like that noise. Actually I'm really happy for those sounds. My life wouldn't be the same without them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Manic Monday #10

Mo's word for Manic Monday is LEAF.

Even though Fall is coming, or in some states has come all ready, and the weather is changing I have to say that most of the trees still have their leaves in our neighborhood. We live in California and our seasons hardly differ from one another unlike on the east coast.

Typically on Christmas day the kids here go outside and ride their new bikes and skateboards, fly their kites, play with their remote control cars, and leave only their jackets, socks, and shoes in doors.

I must admit I have always dreamed of a white Christmas with mounds of snow... not just a sprinkle. I think our daughters would love to play in it. Sadly, this year I have a feeling that they will be playing on green grass with a leaf here and a leaf there but not a snow ball in sight.

The After Party

Yesterday was one of our neighbor kid's birthday party. Olivia has been talking about this party all week. She was told she needed to take her nap so once she woke up she could go jump in the bouncy house and eat cake. Sure enough she fell fast asleep. When it came time to get her ready and dressed, Olivia didn't want to wake up. We asked her if she wanted to go to the party, "no party" was the response.

Oh no. She does not want to get up from her nap. We don't want her to miss her party. What to do...let's turn on the lights. Ok that worked so well that she rolled over, stuck her thumb in her mouth, and covered her head with the blanket.

Daddy tried some subtle convincing- no luck. After awhile Dave picked her up and put her in the shower. At first she was upset, but then started to wake up and what was that....A PARTY...Let's go!!!! Caaakkkkkkeeeeee!!!! Now we were talking.

One down, one to go. Ava's turn to get up. The millisecond her door opened, Ava flew up and yelled out, "daddy up." In a few minutes the girls were dressed and we were out the door.

Here's some photos of the girls at the party:

When the party ended Olivia had a huge smile on her face and was ready to go home. Ava left with a handful of balloons and a grin. We left with two tuckered out cuties ready to go to bed.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Fun Friday

After working his fingers to the bone, Dave went to work early to get off early. Of course this was the day both girls decided to take an extra long nap. That would have never happened if it was one of his long days and I would have been with the kids all day and all night but whatever- it is what it is.

The little ladies woke up a few minutes before Dave arrived so I brought them outside to play with the neighborhood kids who were being raced around on their quads by their fathers. Olivia found a bike to ride and Ava decided she'd chase Livynut. The girls played for a little while and then Dave drove up and Ava took off running, "dddaaaddddddyyyyyyyy!!!" Livy heard the scream and bolted. Ahh the daddy love.

We decided to hang outside for a little while longer. All the kids were getting along nicely. After realizing we had nothing prepared for dinner we rounded up our little angels and made our way to the buffet.

Dave and I had heard of this restaurant a few times before but never made it there. I wish we had because the food ended up being fantastic and the girls ate like they hadn't eaten all day. Well Liv didn't eat most of the day due to her recent hunger strike, but she was lovin' the honey shrimp, rice, strawberries, calamari salad, and of course the ice cream. Ava ate surprise there. I think her favorite was the macaroni and cheese, but she woofed down the shrimp, dim sum, crab puffs, strawberries, sausage (that was sort of an unusual item they featured) and ice cream. As for Dave and I we hit the sushi bar pretty hard, the mussels and the oysters. I think we see 'all you can eat' on the menu and over-stuff ourselves to the point of no return. We had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant and into the car. It was so worth it though.

On our return trip home Liv stated that she didn't want to go home yet. We drove to the park and let the girls slide and climb for awhile. Once the sun had finally set for the evening Livy and I walked home hand in hand and Dave drove home with Ava. It was another fun Friday night. We didn't do much but we were together and that's what mattered.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Know You Are Enjoying This...

Ava stink-fingered me. Typically this happens to Dave and I laugh but she got me today.

Ava stuck her finger down her poop filled diaper and brought back out a finger covered in what I only could have wished was chocolate. Maybe in a dream world, but in reality it was a poop covered finger shoved right into my face followed by an, "EWWWW." Uh ya, ewww and thanks for sticking it right in my face.

It is funny when this happens to my husband. Why I don't know, maybe because most of the potty stuff happens on my watch so any opportunity for something crappy to happen on his watch is relieving (no pun intended) to me that I get to be the one to hear about it instead of the one dealing with it. OR maybe it just is funny. Who knows.

Enjoy it Dave. I'm sure yours is coming.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12

13 explanations for my laziness:

1. I decided while laying in the tub that my legs could use a shave but didn't really feel like going through all the work so I shaved the leg that will be laying next to my husband in bed. The other one can wait until tomorrow.
2. My kids both have colds so if I lay around and rest perhaps I won't get sick since being sick requires rest- maybe I can work it in reverse.
3. My husband won't be home until late late tonight so why bother cleaning up the house. He won't see it if all the lights are off when he gets home.
4. There are way too many good shows to watch on TV that have been recording all week. I should really start watching them so the DVR doesn't get too full.
5. My brain has decided to vacate my body and has left me with a rental. Apparently the rental can't find it's way around.
6. If I get up my body may burn fat thus making me need to eat again thus making me need to cook again and that's just not good.
7. Oh, still have many more excuses to type and the phalanges are wearing out.
8. If I weren't lazy, who would be? I mean somebody's got to do it.
9. I'm helping the environment by not moving around therefore I am able to raise my air conditioner temperature and not use it as much.
10. My dog would really appreciate it if I spent time with her on the couch snuggling...she's had a rough day...laying on the floor.
11. If I got up, the cat would get up, and we don't want that.
12. I need a break because I'm having a hard time thinking of 13 things and I have all ready managed to post 12.
13. Being overworked doesn't feel half as good as being lazy.

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