Friday, October 31, 2008

Change in the Weather

Yesterday the weather shifted dramatically for California. We got rain...ok so it was a mere sprinkle but it still counts as rain. Since we weren't going to be playing outside, Olivia and I baked cookies.

Livy got dressed in her apron and hat and climbed onto the kitchen chair. She's so big now she can actually help me cook and do a great job at the same time. It's cool. Ok so I'm partial- I am her mother. Anyway, we decided to make sugar cookies and roll them into sprinkles and/or cinnamon and sugar.

First, Livy got out HER scissors and cut open the bag. I know- she has scissors now!!! It seems like just yesterday she was bouncing in her jumpy thingy. She skillfully dumped the bag into the bowl and began to shake it vigorously to get the rest of the cookie mix out of the bag. Wow a cloud of cookie dough dust goes a long way. She added the water and began to stir. She was so proud of herself. Then came her hands into the bowl and straight into her mouth. Apparently dough doesn't taste that great when it's not fully mixed. *Cough. Cough.*

Once the dough was formed we broke off some chunks and began rolling it into balls. I made the portions pretty even so she could roll, squeeze, smoosh, flatten, and then bite it before putting it into the sprinkles. Once done she put all of her blobs onto the the cookie sheet in one big mound. "Ready for the oven" she exclaimed.

We made several cookie sheets full of cookies and after they baked and cooled we went to the family room and ate our fresh baked goodies. Ava wanted more like usual so Livy got to pass them out. It was a fun filled rainy morning that I can't wait to do again. It was such a kick watching Liv have such a great time.

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