Monday, October 13, 2008

Nothing Much...

Today is a day to play. We have nothing planned and nothing to do. The slide and swing are sitting there waiting for warm buns to grace them but the girls would rather play with the shovel and dig in the dirt. Go figure.

Checked out a dollar store yesterday. Who knew you could buy so much stuff for a buck? I bought Halloween cards for the nephews, wrapping paper, cookies, peanuts for Dave, Olivia's new photo album for her Pumpkin Patch pictures. It was really cool and now I wish I had bought a few of those photo albums because the girls just love to look at their pictures.

Grammie and Papa come tomorrow afternoon. It should be fun. We are taking the girls to lunch. Dave has to work. Can't wait!

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Mz. Nesbit said...

i love days with nothing to do but hang out. those are fun. :o)