Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Shark Slide

Genius Dave did it again. While driving home from work on Friday he noticed that across the street from the freeway there was another pumpkin patch with one of those big super slides. Olivia loved this at the carnival last month. So in between all the other stuff and things that we had to do on Saturday we stopped by to see how much it was cheap!

Slide goers could pay by 15 minute increments... This was perfect for us. We really only had 15 minutes to squeeze in between everything else. And it was totally worth every second and penny.

Dave and Olivia found the shark slide where the kids climb up the side and slide out of the sharks mouth. 15 minutes of that and Olivia was all giggles and Dave was her slide hero. Off to continue our shopping we went. I asked Olivia in car what she thought of the slide, "I loved it mommy. Shark teeth...and slide..big teeth."

It makes me happy that our kids are building happy fun memories of spending quality time with us.

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