Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grammie & Papa- The Overniter

They came back from their Michigan adventure and spent the night. Boy were the girls thrilled. Grammie got her nose licked...yes licked... several times by Livy and she got to share her pizza with Liv too. Wow I'm sure she thought that was such a bonus. Ava followed Papa around calling his name and playing with him. She has really warmed up to him a lot.

Since they spent the night, the girls were all giggly and hyper. They played really hard and then hit their pillows like bears ready for hibernation. When they woke up they spied their ever sleeping Grammie and ran over to get into bed with her. Both of them were naked of course since they had just showered with us. Thankfully Papa got some panties on Ava and happiness floated all around.

But again as with all good things, Grammie and Papa had to leave after breakfast. We all waved goodbye and shouted our last "see ya's" and flicked on the tube. Grammie will back in a few weeks for the party of one special little Olivia. Papa will be hunting. Soon...real soon...the girls will be reunited to lick the nose of their favorite Grammie.

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marina said...

Hola, my son is four and I've only had a few sleepovers for him with his grandparents. I think they are too small with friends, but i have some friends here who don't mind their preschoolers having sleepovers. I think it's super strange. But, each parent does their own thing:)