Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Know You Are Enjoying This...

Ava stink-fingered me. Typically this happens to Dave and I laugh but she got me today.

Ava stuck her finger down her poop filled diaper and brought back out a finger covered in what I only could have wished was chocolate. Maybe in a dream world, but in reality it was a poop covered finger shoved right into my face followed by an, "EWWWW." Uh ya, ewww and thanks for sticking it right in my face.

It is funny when this happens to my husband. Why I don't know, maybe because most of the potty stuff happens on my watch so any opportunity for something crappy to happen on his watch is relieving (no pun intended) to me that I get to be the one to hear about it instead of the one dealing with it. OR maybe it just is funny. Who knows.

Enjoy it Dave. I'm sure yours is coming.


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Mz. Nesbit said...

my husband would just die! DIE!