Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Trick Or Treat

Tonight the city was sponsoring a safe trick or treat so we dressed the girls in their costumes and headed out the door. It said it started at 5pm but when we got there at 5pm it was full of people. Olivia was loving the fact that everyone was dressed up and that they were giving out balloons and candy. Ava, of course, wanted to walk for herself since we are no longer allowed to help her or treat her like a baby.

Ironically, McGruff the crime dog was there. If you read my last MM post you'll see he was discussed. Many fairies were flying around. A few superheros and some scary goblin guys were out too. There was a haunted bus that featured some spooky crows and bloody corpses. A lot of parents dressed up as well.

Gobs of candy were handed out. That was the main thing and the girls loved it. Olivia wanted to go again but we talked to her about next weekend's trick or treating so we went home and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids. Both girls loved wearing their costumes too and didn't want to take them off. Go figure.

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