Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Girls Being Girls

 These two girls provided dinner tonight!! They fished until they caught enough to feed us all. Awesome.
 See this tiny lizard- He has been wrecking havoc on the girls all summer and finally they caught him. Now what do they do with him?
Bringing him into my bedroom seemed like a good idea...
And Olivia lost tooth number two on the bottom. The tooth fairy was good to her. She found a gold coin and a silver dollar under her pillow.

The girls went to Home Depot to pick up some toys to build and everyone went for a ride in the cart.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gavin Driving

Who da man???

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Who's That Girl?? AVA!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gavin Fishing

Gavin trying his best at fishing while only being 5 weeks old.
Gavin had a tough day fishing with Grandma B. It was his first time out there and we weren't having much luck so of course he then had to take a nap.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gavin's Baptism

                             Your Baptism was Fantastic!!
Here we are with Deacon Alan, Your Godmother Donna, and Godfather Ray who were both so honored and pleased to be your Godparents.
Before the show began we took a few pictures of the Bonson clan all dressed up. Years from now when you look at these photos and wonder what in the heck your sister Olivia is wearing just know that A) it is a Halloween costume B) it is of a wedding dress minus the veil I would not let her wear and C) she was so proud to wear it and Ava was mad she didn't have one too.
Here's a picture with me, remember me, the mother.... Yeah somehow I am not in many of the photos, but your dad on the other hand????
Here's Godmommy Donna with her daughter Anne. She's just loving you.
Getting ready...
Dad's big day.
And so it began, your journey into Catholicism. You are now being blessed.
What a good baby. Wearing white and not pooping or passing gas.
Now you are getting some really great smelling oil placed on your head. You smelled so good we wanted to use you as a car freshener. Just kidding.
Look, right before the Deacon pours the water over your head to baptize you, you are smiling. Still at home you freak out whenever we put you in the tub.... What's up with that?
You are getting drenched and smiling still. Daddy and I have now realized you been faking it in the tub at home and the next bath you get we won't be so gentle with the water...
Still smiling. Always a good baptism when there aren't any tears.
You're done!!
Grammie and Papa are listening to the Deacon.
Liv clapped for you when it was over!
TA DA! You know have a new Godmother to love you forever!
Here's Uncle Scott's proof he held you for Aunt Lisha!
And here's your new Godfather and Joanne. They love you too!
Your Godparents
Tori and Barbara are getting in on the fun!
Look at those two- they know there's going to be a party back home so they are saying -"Let's get outta here!!!"
Grammie B with her boys. They heard about the party too and can't wait to celebrate.
Gavin, Donna, Anne, and Mommy.
Papa snuck in a hug on the way out to the car.
Congratulations Gavin!!
Grammie B made this fruit bowl. She has talent. She said it was easy but it looks too good to be that easy!
Everyone hanging out in the backyard eating and partying.
Scott found his friend- Mr. Coors.
Grammie found her wine and Tammy.
Okay so I had a little wine too. It was a hot day.
We opened the presents, the girls received lunch boxes and you made out like a bandit! It was a super day. Everyone had fun. They passed you around and you just smiled and slept. You are a blessed little boy with many people who love you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Olivia lost her 1st Tooth!!

It finally fell out. This wiggly tooth has been loose for what has seemed like an eternity. Liv quickly tucked it under her pillow.

Tonight the tooth fairy will arrive with a 50 cent piece and a gold presidential dollar. Shh. Don't tell Olivia!