Thursday, March 29, 2012

He Stands!!

Look what I found in the crib today!!! He stands... and doesn't like it at all. He got a little freaked out that he was standing and started to cry but when he saw Ava come in to rescue him he smiled like usual.

Here he is looking manly.


If Gavin isn't under the couch.... where he seems to end up most often...
Then he's on top of the couch riding the dog.

See how excited lady is to have 21 extra pounds of weigh of her... hahaha- that's what she gets for getting on my couch!

Ava - Karate

Ava demonstrated her skills with to her instructor and did really well. She took her time, paid attention, and followed directions. We were proud of her.

After doing such an amazing job, Ava received her stripe!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


We have progressed to real food... kiwi.... and Gavin can now pull himself to standing by himself. He should be in college in a month. HA!

Easter Bunny

It's Easter yet again so they kids all went to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap and confess all the stuff they would like for Easter... And what did they ask for- Eggs. I think we can handle that!

Ava- Fieldtrip

The JellyBelly Factory Fieldtrip
Ava with a friend from school pose by the big jellybean.

Daddy and his princess on their trip.
After her class toured the factory her teacher had lunch barbecued at the park so all the kids could continue to have fun.
My monkey showing her skills. Daddy was the chosen parent for this outing so Ava got to go alone by herself without any other siblings. And she loved every minute of it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Olivia's Award

Today Olivia received an award at school for Math. She was so excited and shocked. She stood up in front of everyone just beaming. It was an awesome sight and we are so proud of her. Way to go Livy!!!

March- The Lowdown...

Since we are already half way through March I can't even keep up with all that has gone on so here is a glimpse of the month in pictures:
We went to visit Uncle Phil and Aunt Barbara's house where the girls got to ride on the tractor and the car.
Here they are holding Gavin. He wasn't so sure that he wanted to be held but after 5 minutes Aunt Barbara couldn't put him down.
The look of love.
Here's Ava with her cousin Ava...
My monkeys climbing the tree.
While Ava was meeting the other Ava, Olivia was playing with the other Olivia. Yip we have two of both.
Here's Gavin getting to know his cousins...
The gang figuring out who gets to ride what next.
Gavin enjoys the tub as much as his sisters do.
My naked baby getting all lathered up by his daddy.
And this is the end result. My little man is such a cutiepie.
And here he is in his first tie. Ready to go to work with daddy.
Apparently he doesn't like the idea of working too much. I'm right there with you bud!
A boy and his dog. What a trusty companion. Someone who will sit by him, lick his face when mom didn't clean it good enough, and someone who slowly backs away when she smells something foul.
And here's Gavin's first lady friend. A nurse nonetheless.
Come here baby.... you look so lovely today.
Ha! Fooled you- she's just a doll.
We took a trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. Ava loved climbing on the whale.
As well did Olivia. The whale alone was worth the drive.
Even Gavin got up on it and rode the whale.
Here Gavin tried to poke the whale's eye out. The attempt was unsuccessful but it didn't deter him from trying at least a few more times.

Grammie and Papa happened to be at our house that weekend so they came with us. They had a great time.
Papa loved to squeeze his ladies.
Grammie and Papa and all the grand kids sitting by the fountain waiting for the place to open.
Me and my parents with our little Gavinator.
And here's the best part about the Lawrence Hall... the petting room.
Salamander was squished just a tad by Olivia who I don't really believe thought it was real and breathing. Oops.
The adventurous one HAD to pet the snake.
Liv taking flight!
Ava on the left, Liv on the right.
Ava flying with her wings on upside down.
This was the night Dave had went to Orange County for a trial. He brought with him Captain Underpants to read on SKYPE to the girls before they went to bed. He's awesome. Yes I know.
Because Gavin's cool... he wears RUN DMC.
And this month guess who is starting to crawl... 7 months old... means he could be walking by 9 months like Liv. AHHHH!
Awe. My sweet angel.
All of my sweet little angels.
Tattooed like his momma.
Dressed up just for kicks. So far that's March!