Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy 40th!!!

I married an older man. His age is now in a different decade than mine. It's a nice feeling.

Okay okay Dave, I'm just messing around with you. You'll always be a young guy to me. Happy Birthay- we love you.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I took the girls on their play date yesterday to hang out with their friend Nick. We brought our skates and he had his plasma car. Olivia burned rubber on her skates showing him all the new tricks she has learned and he looked impressed. Ava ran in her skates. She has not learned the art of gliding but she skates as fast as she can anyway. Nick demonstrated how his plasma car drove and let the girls take turns for awhile but then he jumped on the front and started giving them rides. It was so funny to see him chauffeur his women around. Cute. Very cute.

So although skating and riding were cool the best part of the whole day came later. Olivia finally worked up the nerve to go slide down the fireman's pole. Ava, the dare devil, has been showing her every time we are at the park but Olivia always shied away saying she was scared. Not anymore. Now that she had mastered the task, she spent the rest of the day going up- sliding down. It was awesome. Almost as good as watching her take her first step. Almost.

Okay, so then on one attempt down the pole a bee landed on her leg and she shrieked in fear but all in all it was her best day ever. She now has a coveted secret from daddy that we cannot tell him until she shows him at the park the next time they go. Won't that be fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Private Time

I decided to take a bath this afternoon since well I do own the tub and it is my right to use it- or so one would think. After a few minutes of my leisurely soak I heard the footsteps heading up the stairs and then there was an Olivia at the door. She began to remove her shirt and I told her that she was not getting in the tub and that I am too big for us both to be in the tub together. Our tub is actually giant and she could fit with me and Ava too but I didn't feel the need to tell her that.

A few minutes later, Ava opened the door. My hot air was rushing out and my tub time was now being divided between the two girls trying to get into the tub. So I said ever so nicely that they needed to go back downstairs and I would be there in a few minutes. I needed private time. Olivia glared at me and refused to leave. Ava left in a hurry. So again I repeated to Olivia that this was my private time. She said, "We never get private time with you."

I reply, "Right. That's why it is private time..." If looks could kill she'd be picking out my coffin at this moment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

Since Olivia had another bowling birthday party on Saturday I found some free tickets for bowling at the same place for Dave and Ava so that they could have fun too. Little did Dave know but Ava would kill him as she scored a 104 her first game while he only scored a mere 102. Must suck to lose to a 3 year old but must feel pretty good to be that 3 year old because Ava has chanted over and over again about how she had beat daddy. And he didn't let her win either.

Olivia, on the other hand, had a fabulous time with her buddies eating pizza and cake and throwing balls down the alley. She could have cared less how well she did. She was just excited to see her friends. Oh to be 5 again without all the worries of adult life. They don't even realize how good they have it.

Today we brought the kids to the zoo. I have a lot of free tickets so we will be attending the zoo numerous times this summer. The kids ran around like the other monkeys that were there. They loved seeing the elephant go pee- strange yes, but to them it was funny. The tiger was out as well as the bears that are never outside nor seen. In the parking lot on the way back to the truck Olivia found a $5 bill and next to it Ava found a dime. Having free tickets and finding money meant that we actually made money by going to the zoo. All in all in was a good day at the zoo. I would post pictures of our outing but I've done that a ton of times already.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The skates

Went to the park today for the holiday afternoon festivies. We brought the girls skates since it was too foggy to play on the equipment. Thank goodness too. Everything was soaked. Except my kids.

So they skated around for a little bit by themselves. They were doing great. Then Ava yells, "Look at me Mommy and Daddy- I can skate backwards!" OMG. We are THERE already. These two might as well be 18 and move out. Olivia tells me she's moving anyway when she's 12 and can drive the car. But gee whiz- backwards. I thought the fireman pole and the rockwall were scary. I think Dave and I are in for it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun v. Rain

Finally a nice sunny day to play outside and that's exactly what we did. We walked to the park, ran a few laps, and met two nice girls who we will be meeting next week to play with again. Liv has another scheduled playdate on Thursday with Hunter and a bowling birthday party for Spencer on Saturday. Last week the two of them had 3 different playdates throughout the week. Here's one of the dates with Grace.

Our girls have better social lives than Dave and I. It's sad. They aren't even teenagers.

On our rainy days we have done a lot of art projects and HD build-it projects. One of the favorites has been the bottle cap kit Nick gave the girls for Christmas. Here's a picture of some of the caps.
Okay so I have to admit the rainy days haven't been all bad. There's been a lot of lounging around. If it weren't for school some of those days we wouldn't have even seen the great outdoors. And last weekend Dave and I actually spent most of the day laying in bed while the girls played in the house due to the rain. It was like we were dating again. It was awesome. He's awesome.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Scary Scarisons!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Month at a Glance

So maybe in September I may have forgotten to scan the girl's school photos. I guess it is never to late to finish the job the following year right? In that case I might as well add gymnastics, our vacation, X-mas, and a few other trinkets.

School photos:

Photo above by: Insight photography.

Here's my beautiful Olivia sitting so pretty for her second year of preschool.

Photo above by: Insight Photography.

And my wonderful Ava just beaming that it is finally her turn to be in school. She absolutely loves it and can't wait to jump out of the truck every day.


The final days of gymnastics. Ava struts her stuff.
Climbing thru the tube.
Olivia and her famous hand stands.
That's Olivia over there rolling backwards down the cheese.

Santa's visit to school:

Ava with Miss Karen making reindeer food. (They gobbled it off the lawn X-mas eve.)
Ava with her best friend and Olivia while they waited for Santa.
When Santa asked who wanted to be first to sit on his lap- Ava jumped up shouting, "ME!!" Nothing shy about her. She told Santa she wanted a big princess bike for X-mas.
Olivia whispered to Santa what she wanted so I guess the mystery will forever remain between the two of them.
The love for Santa.

Our two week vacation:

The artists at work. Unfortunately Dave had to work a trial and was only able to drive up for 2 and a half days but at least they were the best days- X-mas eve and X-mas.
Olivia kickin' bootie on her skates she got for her birthday. She wanted to skate fast, faster, and then she'd hit the ground but she got up laughing and started again.
Ava can do whatever Olivia can do and she'll prove it to you.
The bikers went on a long bike ride every day it didn't rain.
And of course there was snow and sleds. Look at that cutie pie face.
Dave and Olivia flying down the hill on their sled.
Ava speeding away.
Snowball fight.
Me and my silly girls.


Yes, there were presents just in case one X-mas from now the girls tell me they never got anything for x-mas. Here's the proof.
And Santa prefers chocolate and hot cocoa to cookies and milk. The deer were fed earlier in the evening.
The ripping and unveiling has begun.
All of Ava's pictures are a blur because she never stopped moving until she found the Barbi and horse. Then all unwrapping ceased for an hour so she could play. Her exact words were "I'm done. No more." Ok then, Santa will pack a lighter load next year.
A lot of dresses and toys.
This is their new soccer goal. Dave's favorite gift besides their guitars.
Who are those people?
My Queen.
My Queen and her coveted Barbi.
The curlers. Olivia loves these things and was very upset Daddy didn't know she was supposed to sleep in them. Next time my dear.
The gang headed out to skate.

School artwork:

Before I clear the board for some new creations of the new year I though I had better capture some of the girl's art work.

When Makeup Attacks:
They did each others makeup. Ava's going to need a little more practice unless Olivia is the newest member of KISS.
They seemed to like it. Good enough for me. These two are enjoying the abundance of nail polish they received too. Glitter and Glam. That's what the world has turned into.

Ava's Quote:

Keeping in mind she wears a pull-up at my parents house just as a precaution that we actually call her "precautions"... she woke up one morning and had not taken it off yet when I asked, "Ava did you pee in your precaution?" and she said, "yes, my crotch told me too." Enough said. That was our month.