Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

Since Olivia had another bowling birthday party on Saturday I found some free tickets for bowling at the same place for Dave and Ava so that they could have fun too. Little did Dave know but Ava would kill him as she scored a 104 her first game while he only scored a mere 102. Must suck to lose to a 3 year old but must feel pretty good to be that 3 year old because Ava has chanted over and over again about how she had beat daddy. And he didn't let her win either.

Olivia, on the other hand, had a fabulous time with her buddies eating pizza and cake and throwing balls down the alley. She could have cared less how well she did. She was just excited to see her friends. Oh to be 5 again without all the worries of adult life. They don't even realize how good they have it.

Today we brought the kids to the zoo. I have a lot of free tickets so we will be attending the zoo numerous times this summer. The kids ran around like the other monkeys that were there. They loved seeing the elephant go pee- strange yes, but to them it was funny. The tiger was out as well as the bears that are never outside nor seen. In the parking lot on the way back to the truck Olivia found a $5 bill and next to it Ava found a dime. Having free tickets and finding money meant that we actually made money by going to the zoo. All in all in was a good day at the zoo. I would post pictures of our outing but I've done that a ton of times already.

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