Friday, January 28, 2011


I took the girls on their play date yesterday to hang out with their friend Nick. We brought our skates and he had his plasma car. Olivia burned rubber on her skates showing him all the new tricks she has learned and he looked impressed. Ava ran in her skates. She has not learned the art of gliding but she skates as fast as she can anyway. Nick demonstrated how his plasma car drove and let the girls take turns for awhile but then he jumped on the front and started giving them rides. It was so funny to see him chauffeur his women around. Cute. Very cute.

So although skating and riding were cool the best part of the whole day came later. Olivia finally worked up the nerve to go slide down the fireman's pole. Ava, the dare devil, has been showing her every time we are at the park but Olivia always shied away saying she was scared. Not anymore. Now that she had mastered the task, she spent the rest of the day going up- sliding down. It was awesome. Almost as good as watching her take her first step. Almost.

Okay, so then on one attempt down the pole a bee landed on her leg and she shrieked in fear but all in all it was her best day ever. She now has a coveted secret from daddy that we cannot tell him until she shows him at the park the next time they go. Won't that be fun.

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