Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Month at a Glance

So maybe in September I may have forgotten to scan the girl's school photos. I guess it is never to late to finish the job the following year right? In that case I might as well add gymnastics, our vacation, X-mas, and a few other trinkets.

School photos:

Photo above by: Insight photography.

Here's my beautiful Olivia sitting so pretty for her second year of preschool.

Photo above by: Insight Photography.

And my wonderful Ava just beaming that it is finally her turn to be in school. She absolutely loves it and can't wait to jump out of the truck every day.


The final days of gymnastics. Ava struts her stuff.
Climbing thru the tube.
Olivia and her famous hand stands.
That's Olivia over there rolling backwards down the cheese.

Santa's visit to school:

Ava with Miss Karen making reindeer food. (They gobbled it off the lawn X-mas eve.)
Ava with her best friend and Olivia while they waited for Santa.
When Santa asked who wanted to be first to sit on his lap- Ava jumped up shouting, "ME!!" Nothing shy about her. She told Santa she wanted a big princess bike for X-mas.
Olivia whispered to Santa what she wanted so I guess the mystery will forever remain between the two of them.
The love for Santa.

Our two week vacation:

The artists at work. Unfortunately Dave had to work a trial and was only able to drive up for 2 and a half days but at least they were the best days- X-mas eve and X-mas.
Olivia kickin' bootie on her skates she got for her birthday. She wanted to skate fast, faster, and then she'd hit the ground but she got up laughing and started again.
Ava can do whatever Olivia can do and she'll prove it to you.
The bikers went on a long bike ride every day it didn't rain.
And of course there was snow and sleds. Look at that cutie pie face.
Dave and Olivia flying down the hill on their sled.
Ava speeding away.
Snowball fight.
Me and my silly girls.


Yes, there were presents just in case one X-mas from now the girls tell me they never got anything for x-mas. Here's the proof.
And Santa prefers chocolate and hot cocoa to cookies and milk. The deer were fed earlier in the evening.
The ripping and unveiling has begun.
All of Ava's pictures are a blur because she never stopped moving until she found the Barbi and horse. Then all unwrapping ceased for an hour so she could play. Her exact words were "I'm done. No more." Ok then, Santa will pack a lighter load next year.
A lot of dresses and toys.
This is their new soccer goal. Dave's favorite gift besides their guitars.
Who are those people?
My Queen.
My Queen and her coveted Barbi.
The curlers. Olivia loves these things and was very upset Daddy didn't know she was supposed to sleep in them. Next time my dear.
The gang headed out to skate.

School artwork:

Before I clear the board for some new creations of the new year I though I had better capture some of the girl's art work.

When Makeup Attacks:
They did each others makeup. Ava's going to need a little more practice unless Olivia is the newest member of KISS.
They seemed to like it. Good enough for me. These two are enjoying the abundance of nail polish they received too. Glitter and Glam. That's what the world has turned into.

Ava's Quote:

Keeping in mind she wears a pull-up at my parents house just as a precaution that we actually call her "precautions"... she woke up one morning and had not taken it off yet when I asked, "Ava did you pee in your precaution?" and she said, "yes, my crotch told me too." Enough said. That was our month.

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