Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun v. Rain

Finally a nice sunny day to play outside and that's exactly what we did. We walked to the park, ran a few laps, and met two nice girls who we will be meeting next week to play with again. Liv has another scheduled playdate on Thursday with Hunter and a bowling birthday party for Spencer on Saturday. Last week the two of them had 3 different playdates throughout the week. Here's one of the dates with Grace.

Our girls have better social lives than Dave and I. It's sad. They aren't even teenagers.

On our rainy days we have done a lot of art projects and HD build-it projects. One of the favorites has been the bottle cap kit Nick gave the girls for Christmas. Here's a picture of some of the caps.
Okay so I have to admit the rainy days haven't been all bad. There's been a lot of lounging around. If it weren't for school some of those days we wouldn't have even seen the great outdoors. And last weekend Dave and I actually spent most of the day laying in bed while the girls played in the house due to the rain. It was like we were dating again. It was awesome. He's awesome.

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