Monday, February 28, 2011

Hanging Out

See this face? This is the face of a girl who would desperately love to do karate with her sister but her money pinching mother thought she should wait for the next lesson. So instead of karate she has to sit around and take photos of her nose- boogers and all.
See the love... how could that horrible woman separate them and send one off to learn a skill and make the other just sit and watch? Sad.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loving IT!!!

Olivia demonstrated her moves solo for the teacher. She rocked!

Olivia loves karate. I wish now that I had signed up Ava too. In March they'll both be practicing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The New Kid

First Olivia got a hair cut, courtesy of cutting it off really short herself and then taking her to get it fixed after it grew out a bit.
And then she got her ears pierced. What a champ!! No tears, no crying, no drama. I had always wondered if I should have taken the girls when they were babies so they wouldn't remember it but I am so glad I didn't. This was an important milestone and a great memory for the both of us. I was glad we got to do it together. Thanks Liv!!

Old Age is Setting in.

I forgot to add Ava's height and weight on her birthday after she had her 4 year checkup. She is now 42 1/2 inches and 43.6 pounds. She's looking good.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Lookin' good!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Last year we spent the day in the ER. Thank God we are not there today. In fact we are so not there that Dave took the day off to stay at home with his girls and spread the love.

So to begin with Dave and I spent a lazy Saturday lounging around watching movies in bed. The girls received brand new tents so they played in those while watching their movie downstairs. Liv still has a cold but I think the downtime really helped her feel better. Sunday we packed up and visited the zoo. We ate lunch, rode some rides, petted and brushed the sheep and goats, and basically got a pretty good work out on those hills. The girls had their fun and Olivia sang her melodies the entire ride home. That's her new thing now that she's in love with Taylor Swift. Singing in the car to the radio- ah... the memories- oh wait that was yesterday.

And today--- the greatest day of all--- The girls woke up and ran downstairs to see what the valentine fairy left for them. While Dave and I laid in bed we could hear the scrambling of little feet doing something. Soon we were surprised by two cuties wearing their new bathing suits. Ava was still wearing her panties underneath and Olivia had her leg going thru the body part so her suit was hiked up her butt. But they looked good alright. They proceeded to tell us everything they received and that they wanted to go swimming in the tub to test their suits out. Dave being the good Daddy that he is hopped out of bed and started the water for the tub. Then they went downstairs and made muffins and eggs and then dressed Olivia for school. Today is her Valentine's Day party. Off they went while Ava and I snuggled some more in bed.

So I don't know what's on the agenda for the middle of the day but so far it has been wonderful and filled with love. Just the way it is supposed to be. Later tonight Olivia has her first Karate class and afterwards we will have something yummy for dinner. Last night Liv and Dave ate their hearts out on Oysters with our shrimp and pasta dinner. I don't really know what I could make that would top that. Maybe we should just go out. Either way I think we will all feel the love. Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ava!!!

First sightings of the now 4 year old.
Ava's awake and excited to be 4!!
Share day at school was this snake for the letter "S" and her pink strawberry cupcakes.
Olivia loving her sister on her birthday.
Notice Ava is sitting far from "the boy" who's next to her. She doesn't like boys- they're icky.
Ms. Karen made Ava her special "I'm 4" hat. Her hand was traced and everything!

The party rocked and Ava was free from school. Notice how devastated she is- NOT!
The little Avacakeroonies.
Brunch at our favorite restaurant that we've been taking the kids to every year on their birthday.
And this is why- Look at how good that ice cream is...
And then we partied at C.E.C. It was a total all day kid experience. Everything Ava wanted she got to have.

Crazy drivers. If this is any indication of how these two will drive at sixteen we will have to sell our vehicles.
Some of Ava's loot- pre-party.
And then the magic happened. Cake, friends, and presents. If only to be 4 years old again.
Make your wish sweetiepie!!

Of course someone has to be mad that it's not their birthday.
Lick the plate clean Ava- your dad would.
Happy 4th Birthday!!! We love you!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Notice Anything Different?

I told Ava she could get her ears pierced when she turned 4 and since yesterday was her big day (a post about that will happen over the weekend when I have time to add all the pictures) we went to the shop and had it done. Let me tell you how brave she was... BRAVE. A tiny tear developed in one eye after the first hole and then a few more after the second but there wasn't a sound that came out of her mouth. She did it all by herself, sat in the chair, held her little horse, and got'em done. That's my Ava!