Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ava!!!

First sightings of the now 4 year old.
Ava's awake and excited to be 4!!
Share day at school was this snake for the letter "S" and her pink strawberry cupcakes.
Olivia loving her sister on her birthday.
Notice Ava is sitting far from "the boy" who's next to her. She doesn't like boys- they're icky.
Ms. Karen made Ava her special "I'm 4" hat. Her hand was traced and everything!

The party rocked and Ava was free from school. Notice how devastated she is- NOT!
The little Avacakeroonies.
Brunch at our favorite restaurant that we've been taking the kids to every year on their birthday.
And this is why- Look at how good that ice cream is...
And then we partied at C.E.C. It was a total all day kid experience. Everything Ava wanted she got to have.

Crazy drivers. If this is any indication of how these two will drive at sixteen we will have to sell our vehicles.
Some of Ava's loot- pre-party.
And then the magic happened. Cake, friends, and presents. If only to be 4 years old again.
Make your wish sweetiepie!!

Of course someone has to be mad that it's not their birthday.
Lick the plate clean Ava- your dad would.
Happy 4th Birthday!!! We love you!!!

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