Monday, June 30, 2008

Kid Free Mommy Time

Finally, I say with a sigh. The girls' dad is home from work. The girls have been fed and we get to eat our meal. Like many nights our dinner beings with screams of 'daddy I want sit on your lap' followed by countless cries from the baby. We snarf down our dinner barely looking up at each other. Then the ritual begins: He starts playing with the girls and I retreat for a few minutes of kid free mommy time. As I write this post I hear screams of 'mommy-daddy do' which translates loosely to "Mommy get down here right now, daddy took my toy away that I was using to whack my sister." Ahhh the few minutes of kid free mommy time. It never really existed. I know that. You know that. As parents we all desire that 15 minutes of peace and quiet even if it is only to use the restroom, and we usually get it around 1 a.m. between the husband and dog snore-off contest and the baby's frantic scream as she realizes that yes she is in her room and no there will be no banana eating until the break of dawn.

Finally Asleep

There's something to be said about the silence of sleeping children- Thank God comes to mind most. Being a stay at home mom, even with an at-home business, can be exhausting pretty much every day. I don't do too much business at home, it is for supplemental income only and now is not the time for me to try a get the business going. Much of the time when the phone rings, a sensor on one or both girls goes off, alerting them that mommy needs some alone time so let's fight over the same toy or push eachother down.