Monday, March 12, 2012

February was a blur.

Ava turned 5 and had a great party. Then Valentines day and taxes happened. The kids both had Vday parties but neither were anything to write home about. At the end of the month my whopper baby turned 7 months old. I have yet to weigh him but I'd guess he's probably around 22-23 pounds. He began saying words, "mama, dada, and baba" and he cut his two bottom teeth. Thankfully he has not bit me yet knock on wood. Breastfeeding is still going well, he eats 5 times a day off of me and eats his breakfast lunch and dinner of real food with the girls. I make him all kinds of baby food and he loves it all. He has taking a liking to couscous and his veggies rice biscuits. As a courtesy of him, I lost all my baby weight when he hit the 4 month mark. I since have cleaned my closet and drawers of all old, baggy, or "big" clothes. It is nice that I can wear my normal clothes although even they are getting a little big... time to go shopping. What fun. I hate clothes shopping. We have gotten our refund back from our taxes so I guess it is now or never. And that pretty much wraps up anything I could remember about the blur of February.

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