Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ava turns 5!!!

On February 3rd (her actual birthday) we had a family party after Ava came home from another girl's birthday party.
She opened all the gifts from us, the grandparents, and cousins... It was super exciting for Ava although her real party came the next day.
It was a Cinderella kind of day...

 Cinderella greeted Ava at the front door...
 And then she came in and had a coronation ceremony for Ava naming her a princess for the day and she placed a crown on her head and gave her a special wand.
 It was came with a certificate of authenticity.

 Afterwards she painted the faces of all the kids...
 That's the look of pure joy. It melts my heart.
 Olivia thought this was the most awesome day ever too.
 Ava blew out her princess cake candles and the kids chowed down. I say this because in reality I have never had a party where the entire cake and all the cupcakes were inhaled. This was a new day.
 Soon Cinderella was reading her story to the kids and singing (sounding just like the real Cinderella I am not even kidding).
 Gavin enjoyed the party too.

 After the party Cinderella had to go back to Disneyland so she gave Ava a big hug and drove away in her pumpkin carriage.
After the party Gavin 6 months and Tyler 1 year were demonstrating their size... Gavin used to get his handmedowns... I think we will be giving the handmedowns now.

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