Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ava- Pre-Birthday

My Ava's turning 5 on Friday so we got a jump start on the celebration by going to B&N and getting her free kid's club cookie and a bunch of choose your own adventure books, Junie B. Jones Books, Magic Tree house books, and others I can't even remember. Now that the girls have fallen in love with chapter books I actually enjoy reading again. I was so burned out of reading picture books over and over. Dave's liking this too. We read a few chapter each night before bed and they are ready the next night asking for more. Liv's teacher said she is reading at a second grade level and Ava reads at a first grade level. I never liked to read as a kid so I am really happy they do. The TV is dying a slow death and reading is prevailing. I like to hear Olivia reading to Ava in their room or when Liv's at school Ava reads to the dogs. Awesome.

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