Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gavin 6 Months

Gavin has had a lot of FIRSTS in the last few days. He has started saying, "dada, baba, and mama." He can roll over from front to back. He looks like he is about to cut his first two bottom teeth which is little scary for me since I have 6 more months of breast feeding left to go and the girls didn't get teeth until they were almost a year old. He was weighed yesterday and is a whopping 20 pounds 0.4 ounces and in the 89% for weight. His height is 2'4" and he's in the 88% for height and his dome is in the 65% which is nice being that his head is not large.

Gavin can sit up by himself and he can grab everything. If I make it out of this without going bald it will be great. His arms are always moving. When I nurse him he is constantly whacking whatever he thinks may be behind him. He is also a little nosey bugaroo. He has to see what EVERYONE is doing. He still sleeps great and through the night, he eats like a champ as if that wasn't obvious looking at his gargantuan size. He stands well on his chubby little legs and he is the happiest baby ever. Everyone who knows him or meets him gets a view of the dimples and the flirty eyes. I could not have asked for a better baby. He has also cut his first tooth.

 Gavin engaged in circle time with his buddies.
 See the look of envy that those other babies are so limber...
 This is the morning of his 6 month birthday.
 Later that day he had to crash out on the couch with his remote and phone. Being 6 months is hard you know..
 Gavin on a trip to the park to watch Ava pogo stick and Liv ride her scooter.
And my Gavinator- I just wanna smooch that face all over.

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