Tuesday, January 31, 2012


To my wonderful husband I want to say "Happy Birthday- You are my everything!" and to my little man who just hit the 6 month mark I want to say, "Happy Birthday big boy- we are so proud of how much you have changed our lives for the better."
So to celebrate Dave's birthday the kids and I brought him to the Exploratorium in SF. This was Gavin's first BART ride and adventure in SF so this was kind of a big deal for everyone. Look at my little man sitting up on his own. He was loving the ride.
This was also the first time the girls had been to the Exploratorium and they went nuts. They played with everything, checked out what every single project does whether it was how a tsunami works or how the brain functions. I think they were on education over load but they loved every minute of it. And then there's Dave... this was right up his alley. He is a science junkie so coming here was a huge success. Here's a few pictures of the girls enjoying themselves.
Ava was checking out the skeletons in her closet.
 Gavin's getting his first glimpse into the science of how things work. Ava is helping explain things to him.
 Olivia and Ava are feeling out the cyclone while Dave watches...
 Olivia is mesmerized by the bubbles so she made a big one and then...
Dave trapped her inside of one. It was huge and Olivia told me, "It was awesome Mommy."
 After the Exploratorium we walked over to Fort Mason and then to Ghirardelli for some chocolate.
 And then we headed to the beach to play. Gavin got his first look at the ocean and the waves.
 While standing down there he did not enjoy is warm feet being stuck in cold sand and the bottom lip popped right out. Sad face.
But he did like the sand on his feet once he was off the ground. Oh boy, another one of our kids who enjoys digging in the dirt.
And here we are, the gang, off to another adventure.

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