Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Fun Friday

After working his fingers to the bone, Dave went to work early to get off early. Of course this was the day both girls decided to take an extra long nap. That would have never happened if it was one of his long days and I would have been with the kids all day and all night but whatever- it is what it is.

The little ladies woke up a few minutes before Dave arrived so I brought them outside to play with the neighborhood kids who were being raced around on their quads by their fathers. Olivia found a bike to ride and Ava decided she'd chase Livynut. The girls played for a little while and then Dave drove up and Ava took off running, "dddaaaddddddyyyyyyyy!!!" Livy heard the scream and bolted. Ahh the daddy love.

We decided to hang outside for a little while longer. All the kids were getting along nicely. After realizing we had nothing prepared for dinner we rounded up our little angels and made our way to the buffet.

Dave and I had heard of this restaurant a few times before but never made it there. I wish we had because the food ended up being fantastic and the girls ate like they hadn't eaten all day. Well Liv didn't eat most of the day due to her recent hunger strike, but she was lovin' the honey shrimp, rice, strawberries, calamari salad, and of course the ice cream. Ava ate surprise there. I think her favorite was the macaroni and cheese, but she woofed down the shrimp, dim sum, crab puffs, strawberries, sausage (that was sort of an unusual item they featured) and ice cream. As for Dave and I we hit the sushi bar pretty hard, the mussels and the oysters. I think we see 'all you can eat' on the menu and over-stuff ourselves to the point of no return. We had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant and into the car. It was so worth it though.

On our return trip home Liv stated that she didn't want to go home yet. We drove to the park and let the girls slide and climb for awhile. Once the sun had finally set for the evening Livy and I walked home hand in hand and Dave drove home with Ava. It was another fun Friday night. We didn't do much but we were together and that's what mattered.

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