Monday, October 6, 2008

La La Land

The girls have drifted off to la la land and the house is back to it's peaceful slumber. Sometimes I will forget that I used to have a quiet house all day long, before the kids, Dave, the ever begging dog, and the howling cat.

When the house is this quiet I can hear the refrigerator water fill back up, the ice maker crackle, birds chirping off in the distance, and low and behold my own thoughts twirling around in my head.

My two hour window has begun all ready. Ava's been down for a nap for 45 minutes. I can't decide what I would like to do- option one being that I could sit here and write and read blogs while waiting for the Fed Ex guy to show up or option two is that I could go run on the treadmill and hope that I hear the Fed Ex guy if and when he arrives therefore having to stop my workout or cut it short. Apparently since I'm still sitting here and my clock is running out I have chosen option one without giving it much thought.

Dave will be home early today so I can always work out when he gets home. Man, I love him... Anyway, I prefer to exercise during nap time since that's when I feel I have the most energy but everyday can't be exactly how I want it to be or I would have won the lottery a long time ago.

The Fed Ex guy is bringing us a slide/swing thing we bought from Toys R Us. We live down the street from a park/playground with all the fancy slides and rock climbing walls and mounds so we went for the basic option just so when I don't feel like walking over to the park the girls can still play. God that makes me sound so lazy. The park is literally one street away and I don't always feel like walking over there.

Partly what stinks about the park is the trash. The girls are magnets to trash and it ends up with me telling them not to touch anything laying on the ground at the park. Ironically, our backyard is full of dog crap so when they go outside I have to tell them not to touch the crap until I can pick it all up. This is hard since Liv wants to hold the bag of crap and walk with me. It would be ok if she didn't swing the bag around but I'm not that fortunate.

Huh. Kinda sounds like we traded other people's trash for dog crap. d'oh!

I'm sure the girls will love gym equipment. They will still go to the park everyday like always, but now they have something to do at home too.

It's been an hour now. The house is still quiet. The dog is laying at my feet breathing heavily. I sure wish that Fed Ex guy would hurry up and get here...

It's funny- most of the day I dream of silence in the house when the girls are screaming, crying, singing loudly, or just banging their toys around. I miss that noise right now. I like that noise. Actually I'm really happy for those sounds. My life wouldn't be the same without them.

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