Sunday, October 5, 2008

Manic Monday #10

Mo's word for Manic Monday is LEAF.

Even though Fall is coming, or in some states has come all ready, and the weather is changing I have to say that most of the trees still have their leaves in our neighborhood. We live in California and our seasons hardly differ from one another unlike on the east coast.

Typically on Christmas day the kids here go outside and ride their new bikes and skateboards, fly their kites, play with their remote control cars, and leave only their jackets, socks, and shoes in doors.

I must admit I have always dreamed of a white Christmas with mounds of snow... not just a sprinkle. I think our daughters would love to play in it. Sadly, this year I have a feeling that they will be playing on green grass with a leaf here and a leaf there but not a snow ball in sight.


Jamie said...

Now you know California has four seasons: Spring, hot, rain, and fog

earthlingorgeous said...

Me too! I dream of a white christmas here! I wish! By the way my Manic Monday is up already please do visit.

crazy working mom said...

Yup, we're usually playing in leaves on Christmas morn' as well. Great post. Happy manic Monday. My leaf post is here.

anthonynorth said...

Over here in England, a white Christmas is a rarity. I think in 53 years I've known one.
Here's hoping for this year.

Villager said...

Happy MM! I was born & raised with the types of Christmas weather that you describe. I've been out east since 1988. Snow is over-rated...especially if you have to shovel it from the driveway!

I invite your blog readers to see my tribute to Ryan Leaf!

peace, Villager

Ivanhoe said...

I, frankly, have enough of the white stuff that goes on for 3 or 4months during winter around here. I'll be happy to switch houses with you this Christmas ;o)

bv said...

We just got our snow capped mountains back here in Utah! I wouldn't know what to do without the 4 seasons!

Happy MM!

WillThink4Wine said...

It's only the northeast coast that gets Fall foliage and Winter snow. Here in the southeast we have summer about 10 months out of the year, too. Fall, Winter and Spring are nearly indistinguishable. I miss fall foliage!