Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Official...

The hunger strike has ended. They thought they could fool me but I got 'em.

For the last few days Ava has been cutting an obscene amount of teeth. Every morning she wakes up with a bloody shirt, bloody sheets, and a terrible attitude. All day she pokes her fingers in and out of her mouth rubbing her gums. I've been giving her some acetaminophen every few hours but it doesn't seem to be doing that great of a job.

Since these teeth are coming in all at one time, Ava doesn't want to eat anything other than cottage cheese and yogurt. This is my "will eat anything" child so it's really painful to see her so miserable.

But what happened to the rest of my family? Olivia apparently has decided by the looks of pretty much everything that I cook her that she doesn't like it. How can you not like something that hasn't gotten in a close enough proximity to you for you to even see? Well she has made up her mind and decided to go on her own hunger strike. Fine. Whatever. We'll see how long it can last. All she ate yesterday was a banana and an apple. Today's she eaten an apple. We shall see...

Explain to me why the dog and cat are refusing their food. Ok so the dog did barf on the rug yesterday and I suppose the cat may be feeling some sympathy pains for her but good grief. Give a mom a break. They haven't eaten in 2 days either.

And then it happened...

I decided all the leftovers were being reserved. No more freshly cooked anything for the girls until the stuff from yesterday is eaten. But I did want to make some meatballs and a meatloaf for Dave and I for tonight's dinner and his lunch tomorrow so I made those and while they baked I reheated and reserved.

The little angels appeared around the table somewhat suspicious. I heard the moan of "no" coming from Ava's lips. Whatever... I can handle this...If they don't eat there's always dinner. Ava looked down at her plate, squished the turkey and mac-n-cheese in her chubby little fist and inhaled. Alleluia, Alleluia... AND then requested, "mo" Ahhh, she's back. She ate a few meatballs and was full. Finally. Good times.

Now for her sister. Olivia started picking at the broccoli and before I knew it she ate all the chicken, rice, and broccoli. She asked for more chicken and then wanted more rice. I offered her a meatball. I guess that was pushing it. She politely declined telling me, "I don't like that kind." Ok. That's fair. She ate her entire lunch.

After putting the girls down for their naps, I made my way back to the kitchen for some water and low and behold the dog ate her food too. I refused to look in the cat bathroom to see if the cat ate. I don't want to spoil a good thing. Glad the strike has ended.

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Great post and happy TT.