Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Hatch Olivia

All week we had been waiting for Saturday, Saturday, Saturday to go to the great pumpkin hatch. We would see the giant display at the grocery store advertising their ghostly ghosts, scary bats and loads of pumpkins big and small. Every single time Olivia would ask for a pumpkin hatch and I would tell her, "today's only Tuesday. We still have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday and we will go to the hatch."

Needless to say Olivia has now learned the days of the week in the process of waiting. I saw the opportunity and taught her all of our first and last names, how old she is, how old she will be in November, and Ava's age. It actually seems easier to teach her things in the context of doing something else like counting how many stairs we go down then just teaching her how to count.

Olivia thinks the numbers go 1,2,3,4, 4 1/4, 4 1/2...5. One day the girls were jumping on the couch and I asked them to get off and started counting. It was the funniest thing to hear Livy say 4 and a quarter. Ava has learned to count to 3 because I give them to the count of 5 before they get a time out. It's great that they pick up stuff so easily but now I really have to watch what I say because they ARE listening.

So back to the hatch...

Saturday rolled around and the girls woke up all giggly. We dressed them in their flashing Halloween shirts and jeans due to the weather being so incredibly windy. We hopped into the car and a few minutes later we arrived and hit the ground running...literally- covered in dirt and we haven't even gotten through the entrance gate. Once inside the girls ran around like crazy people. They went through the big corn maze, the small one, and the big kid one.

They checked out the animals in the barn area. Ava's favorite was the calf. She is really into cows lately. I think because she likes to moo. They ran through the tee pees and jumped on and off the hay bails. Mostly they played in the sand and dirt. Had I brought Olivia a shovel, it would have been the equivalent of taking her to the beach.

Our last stop was the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. We boarded the truck and held on tight. When we got to the patch the girls ran to the pumpkins and tried to pick up ones that were far to big for them. It was really cute. We searched and searched for just the right pumpkins and we were off to the truck again.

It was a fun and dirty morning. When we got home the girls went to play on their new swing/slide before they ate lunch. Our neighbor came down and helped Dave put on the finishing touches and the girls were very pleased.

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