Friday, September 19, 2008

Definitely, Maybe Potential...

That's probably asking for a lot. I can tell this day is not going to be one of the better ones. In the first 15 minutes of being awake Ava has all ready peed her panties because she refused to sit on the potty. She refused to eat her banana because I guess she think I'm some short order cook who will make everything to her liking. Wrong. Today's breakfast is a banana, Cheerios, and a muffin. They don't get the muffin until last. I assume she's holding out thinking I'll crack. Wrong again. Don't mess with a mommy with PMS.

Olivia isn't making things any better by constantly talking, singing, and saying, "mommy I love you so much.." Yeah good timing when she knows her sister is crying and I'm busy with her. So hey, let me throw a little manipulation your way and see what you do with it. Oh and the singing...over the loud crying of Ava is the humming of Christmas carols. It's only 8:45 AM. Nap time isn't until 1PM. Man that's still along time to go.

Last night for some strange reason Ava woke up crying. Nothing seemed to stop her so Dave put her in bed with us. After she kicked me a few times in the back and drove Dave nuts he decided to just get in the shower and put her back to bed. Who knows if she went back to sleep. Could be why she's being so obnoxious right now or it could be from the outrageous number of teeth she cutting. Oh and I haven't even mentioned the hitting.

Ava had started hitting and kicking to get out of timeouts a few months ago. She doesn't hit hard, it's mainly her flailing her arm around and she looks at us as if to tell us that that gesture was aimed for us. The kicking is worse. She leans back and kicks both legs at us so we stay back when hold her in her timeout. I usually hold her shoulders from the back anyway because she's so squirmy but I really don't know how to stop the behavior other than waiting to she if she out grows it. When she's quieted down I tell her we don't kick, it hurts and doesn't make mommy or whomever she's kicked, feel good. I don't know if she gets it but, it's the best approach we have right now.

Today seems like the day to turn on cartoons and let them both just veg so the crying stops. Later we have plans to go to The Jungle and play so hopefully some of the attitudes should burn off from all the exercise. Dave will meet us there too so I won't have to watch the girls by myself. Thank God for Dave. Without him I'd probably be nuts...ok more nuts.

The sad part about all of this is that if it would have happened yesterday before the PMS set in, it would have just been a typical day. But today it just seems overwhelming and stupid really. Pity party for one has now ended. I am going to play with my beautiful children and brave the beast of the day that is set before me.

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