Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cool items for $10

Went shopping for the neighbor kid's birthday today at the super fantastic Target store. Last time I went down the toy aisle I wasn't too enthusiastic about the toys for the 3 year old range and all the puzzle we seem to all ready own but to my surprise there was a whole other section of games and puzzles that were perfect for my neighbor's kid and of course Olivia as well. I can't go shopping for someone else's kid and not get my girls something as well. It just seems wrong to me.

I found these 48 piece floor puzzles. They are so cool and Olivia just loved them. I also found a set of 10 double sided puzzles. I don't think she is quite ready for that but maybe by next summer. I bought a package of 9, 12, 25 piece puzzles too. It was hard to choose between them but with Dora on the cover, you can't go wrong. Now or only issue is finding time and a place for Olivia to practice her puzzle skills without Ava coming over snatching a few pieces and running away.

I also found sunglasses on sale for the girls. These two little ladies just love wearing shades. At least once a day someone has a pair on. I also bought some giraffe slippers for both girls and some monkey socks for Olivia. These two are definitely spoiled. All the puzzles, slippers, and socks were put in the closet for Christmas. We will see them soon.

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