Monday, September 29, 2008


Ava's sick today...:( It might be that she's cutting an awful lot of teeth all at once since she is feverless, but she does have a big bad case of the snots. It is sooo gross to look over and see my precious little squishy face completely covered in a big snot web. Yuck.

She started feeling ill on Saturday night. Dave had put her to bed at 8pm and by 11pm she was in bed with us. I could hear the congestion in her head swirling around. She seemed to be enjoying herself while watching TV so Dave put her to bed again. A little later...more crying...and guess who shows up in our wasn't the cat. She hung out for a little while longer and then went to bed for good.

Last night same thing. She went to bed for awhile and became too congested to sleep. Crying ensued and then we had a vacationer in our bed. Apparently Ava likes to watch Dexter too. Aww just like her mommy. Not so cute when she's rolling uncontrollably back and forth between Dave and I. Again she was sent back to her bed like a bad meal at a restaurant. She was quiet for maybe 5 minutes and then the flood gates opened. Dave went to check on her and then the tough love came out. We shut the door and she was on her own. At some point Ava went to sleep and so did we.

Today she's still a little snotty but otherwise ok. She's eating and playing like any other day.

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