Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Is She Doing In There?


I hesitate to go any farther with that statement. I can only wonder what she is up to in her room. A few moments ago I heard her voice inside her room and I figured that again she was playing in the window and horsing around before her nap. Oh she was screwing around in there... just not in the way that I imagined. She was having a light show with this fairy color-changing light display she was holding underneath the covers in her bed. Fantastic. Don't take a nap on Thursday, the last of the longest days that I am home with both of them alone. Stay awake. Make sure I can't get anything done thank you very much. Ugg.

The stay at home parenting thing sure can get old quick. It can get so frustrating just repeating myself for the millionth time, "we walk in house running" or "keep your hands off the dog's collar, that hurts her neck. We have to pet her nicely." I swear these kids were born with ears attached to their heads. Somewhere between the ever growing enormous lego collection and our half clothed doll collection our children have misplaced their ears. Here's Olivia's solution to anything lost: "Maybe we can pick up a new one at the store mommy." Yeah maybe. Maybe if we were rich. Or maybe, just maybe if we just looked around a little bit we could find our original pair.... oh there they are in fact. Right where you left them. On your head. Now use them to hear my voice and follow directions. Is it really that difficult? Apparently if you are ages two and three it is.

I checked on Miss Olivia. She's sleeping like a princess all bundled up in her blankets. This is only because Ava is still awake. See they tag team me and decide before nap who's going to stay awake so that one of them can keep me occupied and quite frankly it's exhausting. Typically when Olivia stays up during nap time she plays quietly in her room so I don't mind. We get a little break from each other and come back feeling refreshed. But when it's Ava turn to drive me nuts stay awake. . . Well let's just say she takes the cake. She pulls out all the stops and makes sure the focus remains on her. Today I had to get tough though. I told her if she didn't stop and lay down that I was taking the lovey away... her prize possession. She again tempted fate and was handed a big heaping of, "I'll take that now" and was left loveyless. Sad- so sad. Not for me though. I have a new broken in lovey to snuggle. Ahhhh. It feels so nice.

Ava screaming, "LOVEY, MY LOVEY" from inside her room.

I went back in there after a few minutes, handed Ava the lovey and reminded her that next time the lovey will be taken for a lot longer.

My house is silent now. Ava is sleeping now. Of course it's 3PM so Olivia should be waking up any minute. Happy Mother's Day right? Let's just say- "Mother's day, I hope it's not too chaotic..." and leave the happy right out of it.

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