Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's My Birthday!

And I get to spend it with two of my three most favorite people, my girls. Since it is my birthday I felt it was only right to do the things that I wanted to do. So I stayed in bed until 9 A.M. Okay it did help that Livy slept in until 8:30 but I was going to do it anyway.

We watched cartoons for awhile and I drank some yummy coffee. Then around 9 AM we moseyed downstairs for eggs and popcorn. Yes, I did say popcorn. Afterwards the girls were cleaned up and I put their hair in ponytails and piggytails.

And they loved their fashionable hairstyles...

Here's a back view of Ava's piggytails.

Ava usually asks for a ponytail but I thought we'd do something a little more festive today. Plus she is wearing her first piggytails on my birthday. I love all the "firsts" that kids have. You lose that when you grow up.

Last night after the girls went to sleep I went into their rooms to cover them back up and straighten them out on their beds. Ava looked so precious curled up in a little ball. Her face was relaxed and it looked like she had a tiny smirk on her face. Olivia had her mouth gaped open and her arms out like Jesus (her usual pose). She too looked so sweet with her face so soft and dreamy. I never knew what my kids would look like or what sex they would be and now that they are here they are so amazingly wonderful and beautiful. I admire everything about them. They are exactly what I always wanted without really knowing exactly what I wanted if you understand what I'm saying. I feel like my family is complete. I love them like crazy and I am so incredible proud of them each and every day.

So now we are off to rent our free movie and get some doughnuts because no birthday is complete without cake. And then maybe we will come home and fingerpaint with all the cool paints we bought yesterday. Sounds like an exciting day...

A little later on...

On the way out of the house Ava hit her face on the cutting board leaving an indentation across the bridge of her nose. She cried and cried and then said she was ready to go to the store. A little bruised and mangled but hey this would not be a day for me without the occasional boo boo. Remember Mother's Day where Ava was hit in the face with the vacuum cleaner and split her face open...

Once on the road we stopped for our movie freebie. We rented a cartoon about ponies and the girls were elated. We jumped back into the truck and headed to the next place. Soon we were eating yummy doughnuts. What a day. We came back home and started the movie. Ava then spilled a little milk on the floor and being the good big sister that Olivia is she grabbed a towel to clean it up. On her way back to the kitchen she threw the towel in the air and it landed on her head as she was rounding the corner to the family room. Of course she ran smack into the wall and cut her lip open on her front tooth. Like I said it can't be a day for me without a little blood.

So the girls went back to watching their movie and I went to make them lunch. The movie was so entertaining that...
Ava went to sleep. Good thing it was a freebie movie.

Here's Olivia loving the fact that she is not the person sleeping!!!

Later today we will go swimming with daddy. Hopefully we have fulfilled our boo boo quota for the day and we can just hang out and have fun.

More... Later on in the day....

Olivia ate lunch with me while Ava slept soundly in her room and then Olivia took her own nap. I laid down on the couch and watched a few hours of recorded shows along with a bottle of wine. Soon Sneaky Dave arrived home from work early to surprise me and then the girls woke up around 4 PM. The three of them went and picked up Chinese food and came back to get me for swimming.

This was such a great birthday. I got to spend it with the three most important people to me in the whole wide world. Thanks you guys for making it so special.

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