Saturday, May 9, 2009

Zoo Rides

One of my BFF's gave me free zoo tickets for parking, admission, and the rides. It was so wonderful to go and not to have to spend any money. Dave had scheduled the day off a month ago and the girls had been waiting patiently for this day to roll around. We woke up, ate breakfast, packed lunches and sunscreen, and headed out the door.

When we arrived, 15 school buses arrived too. Oh no. Wrong day to go to the zoo. Or so we thought... Once inside we headed to the rides while all the school kids went to see the animals. The girls rode the rides with two other families. It was perfect.

After we used all of our ride tickets we went to eat lunch. We just missed all the school kids who were headed to the rides. By the time we ate and then walked around to see the big animals the school kids had to leave.
Then we headed to the petting zoo because what fun is the zoo if you can't pet anything?

What a perfect day. Our girls ran all over the place, touched everything, giggled like school girls and had a great day. Ava had so much fun her feet hardly ever touched the ground!

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