Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOST and Definitely NOT Forgotten...

Where in God's name is this forsaken Lovey I'd like to know? I can't find it. I have search everywhere in Ava's room, in her bed, my bed, Liv's bed, everywhere and this stupid thing is no where to be found. I would call the runaway lovey hotline or the lovey-suicide prevention number if there was one but this is ridiculous. I knew there would come a day that it would DISAPPEAR but I was hoping that it would be when Ava was old enough to understand that sometimes we just have to part with our beloved articles and she would move on.

Instead Ava has decided if she isn't getting her lovey, well she isn't sleeping either. Thanks for that lovey. And if Ava doesn't sleep then I can't do anything I want to do either. It's definitely a hostage negotiation situation. So tonight when we battle over this subject again, I'm hoping Ava will be too exhausted to put up much of a fight and she will just go to sleep. Right now she's not crying or anything, she just revolting against the idea of sleeping alone. We'll see how this unfolds later I guess. Or maybe just maybe I can find that damn thing before bedtime tonight. Where's Dave????

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