Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

What a day! I woke up to breakfast in bed. My hubby and kids made me eggs and sausage and fresh hot coffee. Sounds good right? Olivia carried the big plate to the bed almost dropping it on the floor and Ava carried the card. Then the two of them hopped up on the bed and ate all the eggs. There was also this really hot salsa on the plate for me to eat with the sausage. Well since I didn't get to taste the eggs I bent over to take a bite of the sausage and Olivia stuck her hand in the salsa. I said, "Noooo, Olivia it's very hot" so she withdrew her hand and wiped it all over the duvet. I guess it was good that it had a previous stain on it that also needed to be washed.

Then the girls traveled downstairs with their father so I could get dressed uninterrupted and do my bookwork. As I sat down in front of the computer I heard, "Daddy, I need to poop." This was very shortly followed up with, "Ava, did you poop in your panties? Oh no. Don't touch anything. Oh God, now it's all over the floor. Stay there. Just stay there and don't touch anything." Awe, Mother's Day. A day for me to let DAD clean up all the messes I thought to myself while secretly smiling on the inside.

After the poop fiasco was cleaned up and everyone resumed their daily activities I then heard the loud hum of the vacuum cleaner. What a good man I thought. He's even going to vacuum the house for me. Any mother should know every good deed comes at a price... Soon I hear, "Oh my God, are you ok, I didn't see you there. Oh no, you're bleeding." My heart drops as I race downstairs to find out what had happened and who was bleeding. All I could hear was Ava crying, Olivia singing as loud as possible, and Dave requesting Ava to move her hands so he could see her face. I asked, "what happened?" Dave responded with, "I hit her with the vacuum and split her face open?"

"WHAT??????" I asked in a panic.

"Her lip is split all the way through." Dave replied. "I didn't see her walk behind me as I was vacuuming and I hit her apparently with the handle."

After the bleeding stopped and we assessed the situation it was clear that Ava face was cut below her lip, not all the way through, and that she had two cuts in her mouth from hitting her teeth. Her teeth were fine and not chipped. So Dave called the doctor to find out if she needed stitches since it was on her face but they said she didn't and to just put antibacterial ointment on her for the next few days and she'd be fine. It's only 9:30 AM.

A few hours passed with no injuries or incidents...

Since our day was already off to such a great start, Dave started the laundry to clean the duvet and made the girls some lunch. I went upstairs to grab the camera to bring along to the kite festival and Dave walked into the garage to switch the laundry into the dryer. In that two minute period of time, Olivia decided to remove the paper plate that had the salsa on it from breakfast out of the trash can, proceeded to lick it clean, and then wiped her salsa crusted hands all over her dress. I came downstairs, saw the guilty look on her face, noticed the dress, and said, "what happened?" Dave heard me and came back inside from the garage and said, "what do you mean?" I offered Olivia some water as I assumed her mouth was on fire and I pointed to her dress. "Oh, Olivia what is that all over your clothes:( :( :(" Dave moaned. She tells him how she retrieved the plate from the trash and licked it clean. (Keep in mind her lunch was sitting in front of her untouched.)

Again Dave gets out the spray and scrub brush and began cleaning. Thank God this wasn't Father's Day or I would have been screwed. Finally, everyone had finished eating lunch, the clothes were cleaned and new ones were put on, and we were out the door to the kite festive. We drove down the road and arrived where the festival was supposed to be taking place. No one was there. I assumed I must have gotten the park wrong. For 20 minutes we drove all around trying to see kites in the air, hitting all the parks in our city. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch. Are you freakin' kidding me? Olivia had been asking me if we were there yet. We drove home and checked the Internet. I had the right place, day, and time. So we made one last ditch effort to go back to the original location to see if we were just blind the first time. And what did we find...KITES. Thank you God. I was ready to lose it. We hopped out of the truck and flew our new parrot kite and played on the lawn. The girls had a blast.

The rest of the day proceeded like a typical day, except Dave made me dinner in bed as well. That was nice and thoughtful. We spent the rest of the night just reading books and playing games with the girls. We had a rough start but ended the day pretty smoothly. We called Grammie and Grandma and wished them well. I felt my Mother's day was successful. I felt loved and appreciated by my family and I am very thankful to be their mom. The girls mean the world to me and I love them both very much. It wouldn't be Mother's Day without them.

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